DJ Sherry B

We had so many plans for the 4th of July. As the day went on, more and more invitations were coming our way. We decided that we were going to attend every single invite even if it was just for a few minutes.

I believe if you take the time to think of me and invite me to your home/party, I should do my absolute best to attend, even if for a few minutes. I appreciate every thought and invite that comes our way.

So after pruning our front yard and fixing the timers on our sprinkler system, I set out to make my deviled eggs for the parties we were going to attend. For some reason, I feel deviled eggs are easy and quick to make. Besides, they taste good too.

So with eggs in hand, we set off for the first of four parties to attend. Each party was fun in it's own right. As we entered each one, I quickly explained that we had other obligations to attend to and thanked our hosts once again for thinking and inviting us. Every host was gracious enough to understand and was happy that we attended.

It was nice that each event was on our way to the Hyatt Regency for the last event on our calendar.

As we walked into the concert, Nick Colionne was performing. Once again, he did what he was born to do, play the heck out of his guitar! This man engages his fans. He gets into the crowd, pulls you in and performs like no other. He can sing, he can dance and he can play.

He was wearing his monochromatic white suit with hat and shoes to match.

For the three songs that we saw him play he never lost his energy. The more he played the harder he played his guitar. Going into the crowd and playing right in front of his fans and pausing long enough for you to take his picture just makes you like him even more. There are so many artists that will not engage the fans like Nick Colionne. He talks to you and pulls you in even more.

He is a great performer.

His set was over as he introduced the Sax Pack. Once again, engaging the fans to get us to welcome the trio on stage. To be honest, I didn't feel the same energy from the Sax Pack like I did from Nick Colionne. Now don't get me wrong, I like the Sax Pack but they (Jeff Kashiwa and Steve Cole) have this air about themselves that they are too good for us. Jackiem Joyner was taking the place of Kim Waters. What a great exchange in my opinion. I like Kim Waters also, but I like Jackiem Joyner more.

Just as the Sax Pack finished their first song, the fireworks started so the show was halted for 30 minutes. And in my opinion, it came just in time. Jeff Kashiwa and Steve Cole spent more time trying to get their digs into each other and be a comedic team, I just lost interests in them all together.

After the fireworks, they began again and I was more excited about hearing Jackiem Joyner play. And just as I expected, he jammed it up big time! He played one of his tunes and then it was Jeff Kashiwa's turn. He was good I must admit and then Steve Cole. He played a tribute to Curtis Mayfield. It was good. Don't get me wrong, they are all good in their own right however, I have a hard time really getting into you when you have a major chip on your shoulder. It really kills the deal for me.

They proceeded to play two more songs together and quite frankly, I was a little bored.

I was more interested in watching Nick Colionne walk back and forth. He was doing an interview and during that same time, he stopped to take pictures with his fans. I did actually get to talk to him and take another picture with him. (I will load that later)

All in all, the concert was entertaining. We will be there this Friday for the next concert.

DJ Sherry B

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