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Sherri Jefferson

Sherri Jefferson


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2016 - ALWAYS ENLIGHTEN. CONVERSATIONS WITH SHERRI JEFFERSON. Tune in WEEKLY and take part in this informational, inspiring, and enlightening journey with Sherri Jefferson to explore issues and challenges facing our homes, schools, communities, nation and world. Attorney Sherri Jefferson. You can call-in and enjoy the show on the road, at work, or play. Call 646-727-2566 LISTEN LIVE, ITUNE OR ON DEMAND www.SherriJefferson.com www.SherriJeffersonPublishing.com www.FemaleNOTFeemale.com www.TheLawMobile.net

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Is Peter D. Hancock, CEO of AIG, Martha Gallo, Robert Schimek, Jeffrey Hurd, and Thomas Russo, AIG's Legal Counsel now claiming that they had no knowledge that CMI - Claims Management is a subsidiary of Walmart? Are these AIG executives claiming that they were unaware that CMI is not an ?independent? third party administrator due to its relationship with Walmart and in violation of federal third party administrator guidelines AIG has authorized CMI to administer Walmart claims for general liability and worker's compensation. Cozen OConnor and Greenberg & Traurig still are enaged in fraud and RICO violations. AIG has been engaged in fraudulent activities for decades and the recent decision to subject Maurice R. Greenberg to criminal prosecution and civil trial for fraud is an example of the criminal and unethical practices of AIG. This episode will examine the role of AIG in furtherance of the criminality of its staff and agents as well as in concert with companies like CMI and Walmart. This episode will discuss why criminal prosecution of these executives is necessary to curtail and prevent defrauding the American people who shared the expenses paid to bail out AIG.
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Cozen O'Connor & GT Law: Greenberg & Taurig Law Responds to Allegations for Fed Probe? Co-President, Earnest Greer and *Janna Nugent has issued two email responses dated August 4, 2016 and another dated August 9, 2016, which... more

RICO Violations &, FBI Probe of Cozen OConnor & Greenberg Traurig Law Firm? This episode will highlight the request for a federal investigation into the affairs of Cozen OConnor & Greenberg Traurig Law Firms for RICO violations. We will... more

The Importance of Paternity Testing in Marriage This episode will not address any of the purported personal issues between The Hartwell family. In fact, we are hoping for a favorable resolution for both parties. My office has not and does not... more

#MadeInUSA Walmart's 4th Annual US Manufacturing Summit. Today, WalMart tells US manufacturing suppliers that they will collaborate to create 1 million new jobs in America, but how? WalMart claims its relationships with suppliers is... more

Snoop Dogg Said Boycott ROOTS Snoop Dogg recently called for a boycott of the television program ROOTS. This episode will discuss why his comments are worth considering and examine why ROOTS was televised during the Memorial Day... more

$118 million dollars are at stake in battle over whether Lawline Defrauded Faculty Has Lawline FurtherEd abandoned the law and crossed the line? $118 million dollars are at stake in battle over whether Lawline engaged in fraud, breach of... more

Billionaire Alice Walton Finances Hillary Clinton's Campaign Front runner for the Presidential 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton receives campaign financing from Alice Walton, the billionaire daughter of Wal Mart founder, Sam Walton. However,... more

Every day in America people die from adverse side effects when food, drug and dietary supplement manufacturers knowingly fail to give adequate warnings on their labels Walmart, GanedenBioTech, Iovate Health Sciences and... more

In honor of Women's History Month This episode will discuss whether judges involved in the solicitation or benefits of prostitution, underage drinking and/or drugs should be allowed to seek reelection. Judges should not be above the... more
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