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So much for that sweep prediction I made in my playoff preview of the Indiana-Atlanta series. At least I wasn't alone. Using 20-20 hindsight, I and many others should have seen this coming. The Hawks and Pacers might be... more

New York's worst nightmare became a reality when the Knicks were officially eliminated from the playoffs. ?The beginning of the season, nobody ever thought we would be in this situation, this position that we're in right now,? Carmelo... more

The Brooklyn Nets are legitimate contenders to dethrone the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference – whether or not LeBron James wants to admit it – as Michael Scotto outlined in my latest column. As for New York, the... more

Would you sacrifice the possibility of hosting a Game 7 at home in the Eastern Conference finals if it meant a smoother path toward getting to those Eastern Conference finals? That is a question the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat have... more

This is not David Stern's NBA anymore. The old commissioner is out of sight and out of mind, but his successor has been keeping a relatively low profile. Sooner or later, Adam Silver is going to put his imprint on the NBA ... it is just a matter of... more

The Miami Heat do not intimidate the Indiana Pacers. That much was very, very clear in their matchup Wednesday night. But you know what intimidates the Pacers? The moment. We saw it last year in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference... more

Kevin Durant is going to be the MVP. There's no stopping him, and nobody is doing anything remotely close to what he is doing on offense for Oklahoma City. He might even win the award unanimously. So that steers the MVP argument... more

What are we going to say about Andrew Wiggins four or five years from now? That was the question I was asked tonight on AM1280TheZone in Salt Lake City, and I prefaced my answer with a few words of caution -- keep as close of... more

I already told you yesterday that Mike Woodson needs to lead the Knicks into the playoffs to keep his job. No easy task, but when Phil Jackson says repeatedly that he expects this year's team to make the postseason, the bar has been... more

Phil Jackson to the Knicks was definitely the story of the day. When a guy with 13 championship rings takes on a new job, there's no getting around the importance of the moment. But there are 29 other teams making news of one kind... more