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Minister, teacher, life coach, speaker, writer and Mommy - Sheree Speaks On topics relevant to anyone ready to exercise their right as a spiritual being to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life!

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Episode 36 - Decide This Day I'm reaching out to all of my students from the Spiritual Principles for Lasting Weight Loss class and everyone else fed up with excess body weight. How are you? It's check in time. :) Are you still cruising on... more

How do you take care of yourself? This question was posed to the women of San Fernando Valley Mom2Mom at their annual Mother's Day Spa Day. Each women has a different path, different strategy and different story. But there was a... more

3rd and final episode in the Forgiveness series When you catch hold of a desire, everything about it feels urgent! You are filled with passion and energy and exuberance as you move the desire into manifestation. Except, when it comes... more

This is a re-broadcast of our special on Motherhood. We're celebrating Motherhood this week. What baggage are you carrying related to Motherhood? We'll talk with Mom's who've unloaded the baggage that they were carrying in... more

Part 2 of our 3 part series on Forgiveness. Part 1 was all about forgiving yourself. Part 2 is about forgiving others. If all that stood between you and experiencing your perfect weight was forgiveness work, would you be willing to forgive? As a... more

To all of my wonderful listeners! I apologize that the first half of the show was not recorded. There was a glitch with blogtalkradio. I will re-record and post the first half of the show. Enjoy the last half. Blessings! Declare Your Independence... more

What keeps you up at night? Worry is the result of desire and fear mixed together in your thinking. It's the feeling that comes from having or wanting something, and the fear that you'll never get it or that you'll be unable to keep it. In the... more

Calming the Storm Within I'll never forget years ago when Dr. Phil advised waiting two weeks following a major life event before making big decisions. Two weeks?! Urgency to make big decisions is strongest when our lives feel most chaotic... more

Tiny increments of effort over time produce amazing results. How do you eat an elephant? Funny, question for a weight loss show, right? Making a major shift in your mind to produce lasting weight loss can feel like a monumental feat. It can... more