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Minister, teacher, life coach, speaker, writer and Mommy - Sheree Speaks On topics relevant to anyone ready to exercise their right as a spiritual being to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life!

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We give full permission for the activity of God, the Holy Spirit, to move through us cutting away, dissolving and healing all hurt, pain, fear, doubt, shame, judgment, blame obsession, anger that we are holding in our heart. All of the... more
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Only you can give birth to your awakened, healthy, vibrant self. Would you even recognize the new you? Tune in and learn how visioning works with releasing weight forever. Chat here during the broadcast:... more

No matter your specific reason for starting this journey, you are on a journey to real self-mastery, real self-discovery and real self-expression. The course has awakened you to your real self and you are being purified and cleansed of every... more

Re-broadcast of Lesson 17. ?Forgiveness releases the past to Divine correction and the future to new possibilities. Whatever it was that happened to you, it is over. It happened in the past; in the present, it does not exist unless you bring it... more

There is so much energy around the topic of forgiveness. The burdens carried in your soul express in your body, world and affairs as excess weight on your body, chaos in your finances, disorder in your home and any other ways of being that... more

Are you ready to embark on a journey to express your perfect health? Are you ready for a break through in weight loss? Realize that all lasting change begins with the renewal of your mind. So, let's join together and embark on an inner... more

Today's topic, ?Exit the Alone Zone,? shines a light on the tendency you may have to isolate yourself from other people. Most people don't want an audience for their punishment. And overeating can be an unconscious spanking for not... more

This Week's Lesson: Allow the Pain Are you a master of avoiding pain? Do you hold back so to shield yourself from disappointment? This week we will talk about the purpose of pain and what happens when you actually allow the... more

This Week's Lesson: Feel Your Feelings There is nothing that you've gone through in the past that is worth suffering over today. Haven't you suffered enough punishment? Even prisoners have an end date to their sentence. Let today be... more

I had a wonderful 2 week vacation in South Africa. I planned to post a repeat episode, but instead just went for it. This is just pure motivation. Stay committed to your health. It's worth it! This series is based on the 21 lessons in... more

This episode is based on lesson 13, Feel Your Feelings, from A Course in Weight Loss. There was a problem with the server at Blog Talk Radio and so we had to cut this one short. But it was off to such a good start, that I decided to leave... more