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ShemuYah Ben Israyl

Edification...the series


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Edification... The series designed to strengthen and encourage the people of Israyl to continue to life in shalom and set-apartness!

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What do your presuppositions and biases have to do with your learning of Scripture and growing? This and more will be discussed in Episode 16 of this installment. Shalom.

Who is the MessiYah? What can we learn from him? What happened at his trial? What happened while he was on the stake? All this and more will be discussed in this installment.

This is the 2.0 version of "Are we living in a simulation?" What could be your purpose in life? What is the meaning of life? All this and much more will be discussed in this installment. Shalom.

FBI letter. What is going on in the economy and how can I prepare myself and my family? What can possible occur within the next couple of years? All these questions and more will be discussed in this installment. Shalom.

How can we as Israyl be set apart? This and more in this installment. Shalom.

How can we as members of Israyl harmonize Romans 13 with our current rulers and authorities? If a sytem is corrupt does one still have to obey? These questions and more will be answered, stay tuned!

Are we living in a simulation? What are the implications of being within a simulation? Where does Israyl fall in the overall picture of things? All these things and more will be discussed? Shalom. Scripture references: Yah is... more

This installment is going to be on C.O.P.S. an acronym for Corrupt Organization of Political Servants!! What you need to know about them!

Are you a Vessel of mercy or a Vessel of Destruction [Romans 9]? What is the definition of the sheep or the set-apart ones of the Most High, and who are the goats fitted for Destruction? What is the will of man? Does Man have a free... more

Satan as a plaintiff.