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Ask Shejuan Cartel

Ask Shejuan Cartel


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A radio show intended to encourage individuals to make a commitment to strive for better relationships and lifestyles. The purpose is to help you identify, attract, and keep your ideal mate. There are so many things in life to consider, so let's talk about them.

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There is no shortage of lonely people in the world. The sad part is that half of them are in a relationship. If you are one of them, you should tune in to this episode. Does it seem like you can be a room full of people and appear to be... more

It is not that I like to talk about myself. (I actually like to hear other people talk.) I began telling a true story that is incomplete, so I would like to fill in the blanks. True understanding comes from having all the facts. While I may not answer... more

After presenting the proper steps to a positive relationship, it may seem odd that I want to share my life experiences. Is it after the fact? I am actually giving you my true point of view. I did not learn the lessons that I now teach until after I had... more

Some people are just not meant to be in a committed relationship. For those who are, there is an unsettling feeling when you are not in one. That does not mean that you should settle to be in a relationship. It just means that not having a... more

Every relationship has a beginning. The initial approach can make or break it. If you seem to notice a pattern the leads to an ending, it may be time to be more creativity. While the problem may not be you, change is good just in case. The... more

By definition, sincerity means to be genuine and not deceitful.It can be the best compliment or a good approach for constructive criticism.Sincerity is also a way of getting straight to the point. Too many relationships are treated like a game and... more

Before we start a new relationship, we start working at it. Our first impression is the most important factor. If we are average in the beginning, it would seem that we will not be anything spectacular within the relationship. The way the we... more

Many people do not know how to approach a relationship. When does it actually begin? How do you know when a relationship has ended? How do I end a relationship? Can we remain friends? Should I still be a friend? These are some... more

It is ironic that love cannot be defined, but most people know what it is. Being "in love" is another subject. Has anyone ever told you what the process of falling in love is? Would you like to know? As we discuss honesty, the difference... more

Understanding is significant in any type of relationship. A lack of understanding comes from a lack of communication. If you want to understand your partner, put yourself in their position. You should put yourself in your partner's position often.... more