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Bernadette Boas is known as a ball of fire interviewer, hostess and motivator who dialogues, debates and delights on the top of mind issues impacting women today, helping them discover, confront and shed their bitches of fear, negativity, and other ugly beliefs, so they create the riches in life they deserve. As author of Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business, she knows what it is like living behind a mask due to fears, insecurities and low self worth. Let her motivate, inspire and educate you to live a rich life.

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Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about giving you the dialogue, debate and delight that will help you create and accelerate RICHes in your career, business and life. THIS WEEK - Quite possibly America's 1st UNstuckologist, Rémy Chaussé has x-ray vision for seeing the trouble-spots that exist in every frozen situation, and the creativity to transform it instantly. She is the best-selling author of ?Living Life As An Exclamation Point!? and creator of The Get UNstuck Revolution!™ for extraordinary women with big-ass dreams who are ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo! Rémy has been featured on the Business Beware Show on FOX Business, the On the Edge Show (a CBS affiliate), Smart Money Talk Radio (an NBC affiliate), and The Women's Information Network. She is the host of the Get UNstuck Expert Café, a weekly podcast at JOIN US on Facebook each week as well to makes comments, feedback or questions!!!! Each week Bernadette and her guests will discuss current top issues and growth opportunities that women deal with, as well educate and inspire you to 'stake your claim' to shed your own bitches, so you can shift from Bitch to RICH! Listen weekly live or in archive (here and on Itunes). Call in to her at 1-818-572-2910 to ask advice, debate the topic or simply tell your story. Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU!
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Recent discussions has me thinking - why are so many people afraid of being unfiltered. Why do they cover their ass, are politically correct, are so worried about what others think of them. Today, we tear it down to build up. Shedding... more

Last week's Mother's Day advice touched a nerve with many of our listeners, when we raised up the advice your mother gave you about your career, love and life. Your input kept coming through the we are sharing them with... more

Bernadette Boas and her radio listeners love celebrating Mom's each Mother's Day Week...right here on Shedding the Bitch Radio. So, call into the show and share your shout out to your favorite mother....1-818-572-2910. You can even go... more

It is RICHtip Tuesday on Shedding the Bitch Radio, when Bernadette takes your questions, stories and challenges regarding your career, business and/or life. You can call in LIVE to 1-818-572-2910, chat in right here on BlogTalkRadio, or all... more

Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about giving you the dialogue, debate and delight that will help you create and accelerate RICHes in your career, business and life. Each week we will discuss a top of mind topic women are facing at home, in the... more

There is so much hype around banning, eliminating, and preventing discrimination and disparity of women in business, along with some terms used to hold women down and back, i.e. Ban, even Shedding the Bitch. Well, my guest... more

Have you ever considered what your competition is doing about 'women in business' issues, initiatives and leadership. I certainly have... and you may be surprised that while many companies are burying their head in the sand... more

Bullying is NO way for a girl or woman to act... yet so many do - though they would never 'call' themselves a bully or a bitch. What is it going to take to end the vicious circle? Call in, chat in, listen in.... and help all girls and women to shed... more

Our popular FACEBOOK RICHtip Friday comes to our weekly Shedding the Bitch Radio program the Last Tuesday of every month. Answering and drilling deep into the questions, challenges and stories impacting your career, business and life.... more

Friends, I find myself this morning of the show with limited ability to speak (due to blistering from a treatment I am undergoing) a result, am providing you a replay of last week's popular - How Getting Fired Made Me A Leader... more
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