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Bernadette Boas is known as a ball of fire interviewer, hostess and motivator who dialogues, debates and delights on the top of mind issues impacting women today, helping them discover, confront and shed their bitches of fear, negativity, and other ugly beliefs, so they create the riches in life they deserve. As author of Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business, she knows what it is like living behind a mask due to fears, insecurities and low self worth. Let her motivate, inspire and educate you to live a rich life.

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Kelly Green is an entrepreneur empowerment coach for differently-abled-preneurs. Former music marketing executive, Kelly Green, is founder of The Abilities WORKS! Project™, whose mission is to promote entrepreneurship, workforce development and workplace advancement for people with disabilities. As someone living with Multiple Sclerosis, she knows first-hand the challenges people with disabilities face trying to have successful, meaningful careers. That is why she is passionate about empowering others with disabilities to live the highest quality of life by reclaiming their financial security, independence and sense of self-worth. She has found that being your own boss, is one of the best and most rewarding ways to achieve that goal. Kelly will share her story, tips and advice to help you develop your personal and business brand!! Your hostess, Bernadette Boas, is a ball of fire who knows what it is like to wreak havoc on the world.... as well, masking her insecurities, fears and negative beliefs of herself (what she now calls Bitches). Now she is helping as many women as possible to NOT succumb to the rat race. Each week she and her guests discuss top of mind subjects, as well educates and inspires you to 'stake your claim' to shed your own bitches, so you can shift from Bitch to RICH! Call in to her at 1-818-572-2910 to ask advice, debate the topic or simply tell your story. Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU! `
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Bernadette Boas, author of her personal story, Shedding the Corporate Bitch...her apology to the roadkill she left in her life for over twenty five years, was the start of her journey to Discover, Confront and Shed the bitches of fear, insecurity,... more

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Larry Warnick, CEO of Passkey Strategies talks candidly with Bernadette on the ongoing debate on Women in Business and Leadership Roles. Are they responsible for the perception of Corporate Bitches? Are men preventing them... more

Did you ever want to put a name to those inner voices, critics, naysayers that are in your head? Did you want to find a way to confront them once and for you can overcome them...and be the powerful woman you are? Call in to... more

Do you know what fears, insecurities, negative mindsets and belief systems are holding you back from achieving the RICHES of life? Would you like some tips, advice and relatable stories that can help you discover them once and for... more

There are many definitions of 'bitch' and many ways women and men use it against others. But very few realize that it is a word that reflects themselves. Bernadette discusses that as she takes your questions about the Bitches in your... more
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