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Bernadette Boas

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Author of "Shedding The Corporate Bitch," and Ball of Fire host Bernadette Boas is not afraid to tackle issues that affects women's daily lives. Each week on "Shedding the Bitch Radio" Bernadette and a special guest helps you identify the bitches of fear, insecurity, doubt, and more, that are taking over your life, family and career for a lively dialogue, debate and delight. These intense discussions will help people understand who and why people (including themselves) are how they are. This mind-blowing journey of self awareness, revelation and growth will help you discover, confront and shed your bitches, so you can shift to creating the RICHes in your career, business and life you deserve. FOLLOW the program for updates and guest announcements.

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Radio host, Bernadette Boas welcomes Chief Change Agent and Catalyst to discuss It Starts with Self Awareness, Your Gut, and Intuition, to succeed in the world. Listeners will learn: · What it means and takes to be present and self-aware. becoming more self-aware and tapping into one's "soul whispers" or inner knowing, intuition or "gut feeling" – whatever YOU/THEY call it. · Tapping into one's "soul whispers" or inner knowing, · And how to listen to those "gut feelings". About Kay Lathrop - Kay Lathrop is a champion for human possibility and an advocate and catalyst for change in the realm of spinal cord injury recovery and rehabilitation. Kay believes she has been in training for her current role all throughout her 30-year career. She has over 15 years of experience in helping people adopt a warrior mindset, gain clarity on their goals, and establish the plan and habits that get them what they want and where they want to go. She is a certified coach and NLP Practitioner with deep neuroscience-specific training. http://www.amplifiedagility.com FOLLOW Shedding the Bitch Radio and join us each week on www. BlogTalkRadio.com/SheddingtheBitch each week or call 1-818-572-2910 to chat with us. Each Tuesday, ball of fire leadership coach, author, writer and radio host Bernadette Boas and her guests discuss current top of mind issues and growth opportunities women deal with, in order to help them, shift to RICHes in their career, business and life!
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ENCORE PRESENTATION - my discussion with #branding expert Jessica Potts of Brand X Consultants when we discussed creating buzz that ?people talk? about your brand (for both existing brands, as well as, startups) to ultimately create... more

Handling Difficult Situations So They Don't Go Sideways According to #workplacebully expert, Lynne Curry, 3 to 4 professionals out of every 10, face workplace bullying. That's over thirty-seven million people. Another twenty-eight... more

Do you have a career, business and/or life question, issue or story, that you could use tips, advice and coaching? TODAY is ASK Bernadette on Shed the Bitch Radio....with ball of fire coach and leadership expert Bernadette Boas is helping... more

Our guest Jessica Potts of Brand X Consultants will discuss creating buzz ?people talking? about your brand (for both existing brands, as well as, startups) to ultimately create demand for your product. What are the 3-5 things... more

Our GUEST TODAY, Sue Lester is a ‘head trash' clearing specialist for successful women who have given so much to their business, career and/or family, they're in danger of burnout. They've lost the ?I? from their L_FE. What... more

What do Madonna, Martha Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Franklin, Ronald Reagan, Leonardo da Vinci, and Johnny Cash have in common? Each is (or was) a list maker. These successful people, along with CEOs and successful... more

Each week, hostess Bernadette Boas takes on the top of mind topics women have in their career, business and life. Listen in so you too can create the riches in life you deserve. LISTEN WEEKLY to Shed the Bitch Radio on Tuesday's at Noon... more

Each week leadership expert, author and radio host, Bernadette Boas and a special guest, tackle the top of mind career, business and life issues women deal with... and provide a lively dialogue, debate and delight, to give you the tips,... more

Today is ASK Bernadette on Shed the Bitch Radio....and Bernadette is taking your career, business and life questions, so you can get the tips, advice and maybe tough love, that will have you creating riches in your life!! Call in LIVE to... more

On today's show, we are talking Love Drops..... with our guest, Cindy Sharp, Speaker | Business Healer Inspiring Author | Quirky Loving Human. Cindy's 20 year experience in the corporate world as a sales professional, sales... more
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