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Live, Laugh, Love the New Addiction to Late Night Comedy it's Shay-Renae & Friends with P.A. Bomani is an internet radio show that is about real people getting together, dealing with real issues & having a real conversation. It's funny, motivating & informative! A host of my friends & experts on the panel every Tuesday Night @ 10pm CST.

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Is tradition in dating in or out? is all about booty calls & friends with benefits in this modern day time? find out as we dig deep into the topic with our friend Actor, Comedian & Author Pierre Edwards! You've seen him on in How to be... more
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Always choosing the wrong mate can make the dating life difficult & discouraging. Find out ways to change up your pattern, & find healthier relationships. We dig deep into this topic this week with Co-Host P.A. Bomani & our friend Comedian... more

The Male/Female just friends relationship will they have different goals & motives on the friendship? Is one friend hoping for a commitment while the other is really not into you? We dig deep into this topic with our Friend Flo Anthony,... more

Did you know falling in love is like smoking crack cocaine?! You can fall in love in one-fifth of a second. The rush of intense, passionate emotions between you and your potential mate your soul mate. It's the crack rush of Love. Find out more of... more

Is your mate a flirt? Do they always have a smooth line for the opposite sex? Are they constantly friendly with the opposite sex? Does flirting mean being unfaithful or wanting to cheat? Can flirting be innocent? Digging deep into the topic is... more

Do you sit around and ponder on the thoughts of you & you're Ex getting back together. Do you make sure the communications are still open by holding onto their things? Know the signs of being sill in love with the Ex when it comes to... more

Has your sex life with your partner become a boring routine & lacking excitement? Did you know by reigniting your 5 senses can make your sex life ?OH SO SEXY? with your mate. We dig deep into this topic with our friends Comedians... more

Young and gifted. Energetic and enthusiastic. Inspiring and innovative. Focused and determined. Still, the descriptions could continue infinitely. How does one encapsulate the many great attributes of a person who can effectively and... more

You & your friend are bosom buddies. You go everywhere together, share everything including your dating life! Now your friend is dating your Ex! Can you save the friendship & continue being friends, or does it always remain the Big... more

Can sex make you smarter? Scientists from a study at the University of Maryland says it encourages the growth of brain cells and improves long-term memory. Study found an increase in neurons which can restore memory. The... more
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