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Each show I will be covering a band or artists albums or discography (REMEMBER TO CHECK MY SCHEDULE AS THEIR WILL BE NO ARCHIVES, I WANT MORE LIVE LISTENERS) and go over each release and give my thoughts on the release as a whole and which songs are my choice picks and which songs to avoid. I will be covering bands all across the board from 60's to 2000's music. I hope people will enjoy the show. VERY IMPORTANT FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER = www.twitter.com/shawnvinyl and let me know if you agree or not. Since their will be no archives many shows will be replayed and Im setting up for 2 shows a day (AM and PM). SO always be ready as my shows will start at 11am + (Night time shows will vary) everyday with no shows on FRIDAYS (BUt check anyways you never know) But I will try to keep the shows times consistent so you never miss one . Always check my schedule and see what groups or albums Im reviewing because they always change and I cover many decades of music because music is my love. If you have any request email and I will try to accommodate. SHows are pre-recorded and no calls are taken but if you want to discuss a band. Let me know ahead of time (Twitter - Email - or CHAT ROOM) and I will add the time needed so you can speak your mind as this is a fans show. Hope everyone enjoys the shows because I criss cross each decade and maybe you will buy some of my suggestions as I got to emphasize. I DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY OFF THIS SHOW and I DO NOT have any sponsors supporting the show. This is just a show of my love of music and hope I can give people a different view or aspect of the album or cds or mp3's or whatever format you listen too

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Another band doing one spectacular feed of a full concert over the internet. 10-25-2009 Live from the ROSEBOWL, and what a spectacle it was but asks as many questions as it answered. While no one can deny U2 and there greatness,... more

HMMMM!!! the cash cow is in full flow - NEw digital remastered box sets in mono and stereo. YOKO ONO going into full plastic ONO promotion city and the worst of all CHASE BANK FLA using INSTANT KARMA and THE BLACKBERRY... more

Top of the world, then totally self destruction, then flopped solo stuff, then reformation, then a free internet concert the way I always wanted to see a band, everything opening acts, roadies setting up the stage and guiness book of world... more
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