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Cooking, recipes, current food articles and news, Chef talk, restaurants, menu's and anything food in between. We welcome the left over talk around here. Brought to you by We are located and blog talking from Thunder Bay, ON Canada, but also discuss the whole foodie world. Food is a gathering and sharing kind of experience and that is exactly what we want to give you on the show. Pull up a seat to the Chef's table and enjoy what we serve up to you. We will be hosted by a Certified Red Seal Interprovincial Chef/Cook as well as with along time kitchen worker/Cook/Current Supervisor when he decides to join in the food fights and fun. The foodie Bad Boys of Baycity. Go LIKE our fan page on FB, Baycity Foodie Focus Webzine.

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Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #19 A Buffet of Food Talk brought to you by We are back with the summer coming to and end and we are back to "Celebrate Food With You". This will be a buffet of everyday food talk and topics for everyday kind of peeps. Recipes, food articles and every thing in between talked about by the Chef and Tech Rob and Grocery Girl Jilly the Food Nation Crew. Stay tuned for what we have in store for you. We will also be selecting a couple of ask a Chef questions to ask him on air. Chances are if most of you are wondering the answers to these cooking questions, there is a lot more peeps out there thinking it also. See you all soon enough, don't worry reservation for one (YOU) is set at the Chef's table. Let's get our food talk back on. This and that and left over food talk will combine into another flavourful epsisode to entertain all of you old and new blogtalkradio listeners. Maybe some fall food show talk? Whatever, it's all food, all good fun.
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