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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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one of the greatest films ever made in the early 80's escape from new york. kurt russell as snake plissken has go in new york prison and get the cheif of the usa out of there and he got 24 hrs do it. the film became a hit a cult following. then in the 90's they made part 2 escape from l.a which didn't make much as new york did. but there been talk that kurt wants come back and do one more snake film. but instead they want remake escape from new york and make it trilogy where they can make 2 more after the new york mission. to me there only one snake plissken and that kurt russell. but i been thinking what if they got norman reedus from the walking dead to play snake plissken. he the only person in my eyes that can snake plissken. but call in or tune in and give us your thoughts about escape from new york remake and the film it self.
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yes there going be a ghostbusters 3 but bill murray not coming back after the way part 2 was. dan and harold is working on part 3 and they start filming in may 2014. but the old members are going give the kids to a bunch new kids so... more

''one man can make a differents.'' that was the theme of the hit 80's tv show knight rider. and car that can talk and do more things then any other car. and man who is dead but brought back to life with a new name cause micheal long... more

some people don't know that most of are hero's like green hornet,batman,superman and the shadow. they started on small comic books and then radio. cause at that time there was no tv cause only way to hear... more

smallville air in 2001 the cw where on something by telling the story on how clark kent becomes superman. but later on in the seasons they also brought in other hero's like green arrow,the flash,aquaman and many others and started the... more

while back in the early 90's after keaton did batman returns they did said once the burton wanted bring the two biggest icons on the big screen christopher reeve and micheal keaton aka superman and batman. and the villains where going be... more

a mutant with a strange past and doesn't remember a single event of it. cause after the weapon x project his memory got taken away from him. so he been travling around the world and trying to find things about his past and what... more

one of the greatest sci-fi show that started in 1989 and ended 1993 which air on nbc. it was like back to the future mix in with timecop. dr sam beckett leap through time and change history and events from happing. but there one... more

what if tom welling did his version of man of steel movie. and got the rest of the cast members of smallville. i would pay money to see that and have him wear the classic chris reeve outfit but more updated. have it be where season 10 left off... more

ok man of steel 2 has been green light and i am wondering who going be the next villian. rumors has it that supergirl going be in it and so is lex. but i am wondering which one is true. for me i would like to see other villians show up... more

what was your favorite martial arts movie or movie star. when was the first time u saw enter the dragon or bloodsport. my first movie i saw when i was kid was fist of fury aka the big boss bruce lee first film and that got me into the movies... more