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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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on world finest where going talk about the most famous movies of all time. cause in june jurassic world comes out. so where going be talk about the first 3 movies and how this new one going tie in with first 3. and where it picking up after what happen in the other ones. but every time i watch the first one i gives me chills and tears. with the second one i just keep cracking up with jeff lines. and third one i am glad they brought back dr gant and his former gf. but it went off track to me. now with the 4th one it seems there back on track with this one. so call in and tell us what was your favorite one and gives us your ideas on the 4th one and who is chris aka star lord might be playing in the 4th one.
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through out the years the simpson have a halloween show call treehouse of terror. and what there are a spinoffs on horror movies,tv shows and books wrap into 30 min show. but this season treehouse of terror was so bad i think it had a... more

the cult classic zombie movie that started it all. now we got rip offs or spin offs like return of the living dead.walking dead other zombie films like that. but if it wasn't for this movie we wouldn't have it. later on after night of the living dead we... more

there been talk that mr king wants to do remakes on some of his films. carrie comes out this month and he wants to see how will it does. then he going do the others. u know i like mr king books and movies in the past but leave them alone.... more

u know the myth and the story but let talk about the true story of small town in new york call sleepy hollow and the famous cartoons and now the new tv show. plus the two different endings of the book. the new show on fox station is a new... more

in the summer of 87 the biggest sci-fi movie came out and it was call robocop half man half robot all law. and it was a hit at the box offices and then two more came out and then the tv shows and the tv movies. robocop was it he was... more

what was your favorite batman movie when the first four came out with batman,batman returns,batman forever and batman and robin. i grew up with these movies when they first came out and when each one came out they were... more

people always wonder if batman and daredevil are almost the same person. i say they are. both bruce and matt lost there parents when they were kids when there parents where kill by crime. and both wanted justice in there city so when they... more

is wcw and impact wrestling are the same company but under different names. when vince bought wcw in 2001 he won the monday night wars. then out of the blue this new company shows up it call impact wrestling. but in this one u got... more

there been so many news going around so far about man of steel 2. the biggest news so far is that the dark knight is going be in it play by ben affleck i am wondering what his outfit going look like. and u think about it that daredevil is... more

do u remember when the twin towers being attack and what u where doing that day. where u at work,home school,doing lawn work. what u where doing when u heard when the twin towers where attack. me i was glew to the tv set... more