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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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all i got to say is that the remake suck i tell u why it did there to many to list they should left it alone

when u were kids and growning up in small towns or big cities what was your favorite haunted hayrack ride u want on or ever heard haunted areas were u live. if u want share your stories call in and tells us on what was your... more

one of famous movies the micheal keaton beetlejuice is a famous hit movie and a great hit for the month of october. and while they were filming they told keaton to be himself while filming. so during filming he had people on the floor laughing... more

one of the greatest movies made of all time jaws. steven knew on what he was making a scary movie about killer white shark eating and feeding and putting the fear on going into the ocean. although they had few problems making the shark... more

through out the years the simpson have a halloween show call treehouse of terror. and what there are a spinoffs on horror movies,tv shows and books wrap into 30 min show. but this season treehouse of terror was so bad i think it had a... more

the cult classic zombie movie that started it all. now we got rip offs or spin offs like return of the living dead.walking dead other zombie films like that. but if it wasn't for this movie we wouldn't have it. later on after night of the living dead we... more

there been talk that mr king wants to do remakes on some of his films. carrie comes out this month and he wants to see how will it does. then he going do the others. u know i like mr king books and movies in the past but leave them alone.... more

u know the myth and the story but let talk about the true story of small town in new york call sleepy hollow and the famous cartoons and now the new tv show. plus the two different endings of the book. the new show on fox station is a new... more

in the summer of 87 the biggest sci-fi movie came out and it was call robocop half man half robot all law. and it was a hit at the box offices and then two more came out and then the tv shows and the tv movies. robocop was it he was... more

what was your favorite batman movie when the first four came out with batman,batman returns,batman forever and batman and robin. i grew up with these movies when they first came out and when each one came out they were... more