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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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we are going be doing a review on the flash and arrow on what been going on so far this season. on arrow and the flash and what might happen later on down the road. like would we find out who the yellow flash is and what going happen with... more

where going be doing a part 2 with my friend ronni about ghost hunting and sharing stories. so if u got any question about ghosting hunting and how it works. so call in or tune and listen in. plus where going talk about most... more

a true clut classic comdey of all time. not only it paying tribute to the movie frankenstein. to me it feels like where it might pick up where the old one left off. like his dr frankenstein grandson following in his foot step. but trys to... more

this week on the world finest where going be talking about the most famous cartoon scooby doo. he been around for years. and still standing strong. even the wwe made a movie with the famous dog. but on the show where going... more

this past friday night i went on paranormal investigation with my friend ronni who does a tour in the centeral city. and i had a blast u won't believe the stuff we were getting. i felt like a real ghostbuster but without the pack. but the group where... more

we are going talk about the famous car that batman drives and different version from movies and games. and also how zack is taking three different version of it and put them into one car for ben on batman vs superman. so me best version... more

after gotham airs we are going doing are review on the show. and tell u what we think of it. and how they should done the show. like have a mid 20's bruce wayne come back to gotham and start coming up with the idea of the bat. and... more

there been talk about a supergirl show from the people who do smallville,arrow and the flash. and there talk going around that this going be a spin off of smallville. so big question is who is going play supergirl and are some of the... more

one of the greatest films ever made in the early 80's escape from new york. kurt russell as snake plissken has go in new york prison and get the cheif of the usa out of there and he got 24 hrs do it. the film became a hit a cult following. then... more

there no other mad max forget tom hardy the true mad max is mel gibson. i can't see anyone else playing him for the new movie. i think it sucks they didn't bring back mel and went with younger guy so that means is it reboot of the films or it... more