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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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were doing a part 3 base on the classic dc comics even talk about them on sliver screen and small screen. talk about arrow,superman,batman and even the upcoming justice league movie and man of steel. even talk about the arkham... more

we had the greatest dc comics on small screen and big screen. the biggest one we had was back in 1978 superman the movie with chris reeve. then in the summer of 89 we got batman with keaton as the dark knight and jack as the... more

during the late 30's early 40's dc comics came out with hero's like superman,batman,wonder woman and many others. even most likeable villains like the joker,lex luthor,doomsday,bizarro and so many. classic dc comics had... more

what ever u want call in and talk about call in were going be talking about alot of stuff like batman vs superman movie. the new star wars movie. who was the best actor who play the joker and should take over the role with the new batman... more

the undertaker is 21-0 at wrestlemania and when the road of wrestlemania comes up everyone is wondering who going take on the streak at the event. like what triple h said once ''no one cares who takes on the title everyone tunes in to see... more

in year of 2016 we finally get the movie batman vs superman aka man of steel 2 were the dark knight meets up with the man of steel. i think the reason it got push back to 2016 cause in 2015 we got the new star wars movie and the... more

after season 10 of smallville ended people were wondering what next for smallville now that he is superman. is there going be a spin off show were clark is superman and working for perry white and lois lane and call it metropolis that... more

who was your favorite spider man villian when your were growning up as a kid. was it sinister six when the six of them try to bring down spider man. or was the green goblin cause sometimes he remind u of the batman joker. there so many... more

ok were are they going with this spider man movie. they brought in the outfit that they use in the first 3 films but updated it more. and for the storyline which way are they going with it. plus are they bringing in the sinster six in this movie.... more

was gal gabot good pick for wonder woman when there was many women out there that could off the role like lucy lawless,lynn collins and many other i think they should gave her a solo movie as wonder woman and have her prove to us... more