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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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on world finest where going talk about the most famous movies of all time. cause in june jurassic world comes out. so where going be talk about the first 3 movies and how this new one going tie in with first 3. and where it picking up after what happen in the other ones. but every time i watch the first one i gives me chills and tears. with the second one i just keep cracking up with jeff lines. and third one i am glad they brought back dr gant and his former gf. but it went off track to me. now with the 4th one it seems there back on track with this one. so call in and tell us what was your favorite one and gives us your ideas on the 4th one and who is chris aka star lord might be playing in the 4th one.
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this past friday night i went on paranormal investigation with my friend ronni who does a tour in the centeral city. and i had a blast u won't believe the stuff we were getting. i felt like a real ghostbuster but without the pack. but the group where... more

we are going talk about the famous car that batman drives and different version from movies and games. and also how zack is taking three different version of it and put them into one car for ben on batman vs superman. so me best version... more

after gotham airs we are going doing are review on the show. and tell u what we think of it. and how they should done the show. like have a mid 20's bruce wayne come back to gotham and start coming up with the idea of the bat. and... more

there been talk about a supergirl show from the people who do smallville,arrow and the flash. and there talk going around that this going be a spin off of smallville. so big question is who is going play supergirl and are some of the... more