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on the world finest were going talk about one of the key members of the justice league the green lantern. there been so many lanterns out there but the two that stick out the most is hal and john. those two are members in the justice league. also where going talk about the movie green lantern me i like it. thought it was a great story and it follow the comics. so people hated it. cause they thought ryan was the wrong pick for the role. i thought he did a wonderful job on it. but call in and give us your thoughts on the hero and the movie.
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on the world finest we are going talk about season finale of arrow and clear the rumors of man of steel 2 like the picture there showing of the bat outfit. and what next for season 3 of the arrow. so call in and give us your thoughts. also going... more

tonight on the world finest we are going do a review on amazing spider man 2

going talk about the reviews on captain america 2.

tonight on the world finest we are going do a tribute to the wwe hall of fame the warrior. so tonight call in and let talk about the hall of famer the warrior. his run in the wwe and his short run in the wcw. so let remember the warrior tonight

this summer there alot of movies coming out done by marvel comics and i been wondering and want your thoughts on it which one is going be the big money maker this year. we got captain america 2 coming out even the amazing spider... more

going give u the newest updates on man of steel 2 like outfits and where they might go with the story. so tune or call in and let hear your thoughts. cause with this movie there talk there goin back with the classic look and theme with this... more

who here remembers the match between hulk hogan vs andre the gaint or the warrior vs king macho man. better yet when legion of doom came back as tag team to get the title back around there waist. better yet who remembers the first... more

who here remembers the 80's movies like back to the future,indiana jones,friday the 13th,ghostbusters and many others. well on the world finest show we are going talk about are top ten favorite 80's films. so get out your pen and... more

today on the world finest were going talk about alot of things. like expendables3,son of god,real ghostbusters and the sales of dc comics 52 and how bad they been doing. so we going be talking about alot things tonight... more

tonight on the world finest we be talking about harold ramis and his movies he help wrote and star in. like ghostbusters,animal house,groundhog day and many others. but with his death they just said that ghostbusters 3 won't happen they... more