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Are blogtalkradio's top two heroes friends, partners or rivals? The answer is all of the above, and then some. So sit back and relax and listen or call in to the one and only world's finest radio show.

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one of marvel powerful hero's the hulk. like what david banner said in the tv show don't make me angry u wouldn't like me when i am angry and he was right. the hulk been through so many battles like wolverine and the mighty thor thanks to... more

what would it been like to go back in time and see your parents in high school. will that what happen with marty mcfly he went back in 1955 and saw his parents in high school. but he did a big no no. the way that marty parents meant is... more

born on march 30 1976. one of most beautiful woman in adult movies she was born in virgina and move to upstate new york. but later she move to florida and became dancer. but in 99 she made her first movie and never stop. she is one... more

my friend anthony and i are going interview a very special guest. jason david frank aka tommy from the power rangers. he started out playing tommy in the power rangers and then when he was done with it. he took a little break. and... more

summer of 1977 the greatest movie of all time came out. call star wars a new hope. the movie bank in millions at the box office and everyone was talking about it. even the villain became famous name darth vader. then in 1980... more

one of the greatest western movies with kurt russell as wyatt erap and val klimer as doc hoilday. showing us what the true west was like in that time period. cowboys vs the erap brothers and doc hoilday. that stay true to facts in this... more

who here loves halloween i know i do. i love dressing up for the kids and handing out candy or going to halloween party. but there more to halloween then jack o lanterns or parties. how about the memories that are going stick with us for ever.... more

what was your favorite halloween moment when u where growing up as as a kid. me i watch disney cartoon of headless horseman. or it the great pumpkin charlie brown. or what what was the best halloween outfit u dress up in. for me when i... more

back in the 60's there was cult classic tv show call the munsters. and it was going head to head with the adams family. now this friday there going be remake of it for tv only. but the thing that gets me why not bring it to the bring... more

long time ago in a galaxy far far away. that was the opening for the first star wars movie. a new hope. alot people where having low hopes for the first movie. in fact no one didn't want this movie made. that thought it was a joke. then later... more