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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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on the world finest were going talk about the history of Bruce wayne. after seeing the death of his parents what drove a kid to dress up as a bat. well we are going talk about that. plus how old he was when he left Gotham and why. we're did he go and who taught him the skills of the martial arts. also going talk about on how old he was when he found the famous bat cave. plus going talk about how old he really was when he suite up as batman and we're he got idea for the look. so call in and give us your thoughts on the history of Bruce wayne.
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when the rock show up in the wwe by the mid 90's the monday night wars was just on the start. wcw and wwe where going head to head in ratings and wcw was winning. then the rock wanted to be a bad guy in the wwe and join up with the... more

what can we say about sting. he been through it all with wcw and tna impact. he had some greatest macthes with ric flair,hulk hogan,rick rude and many more. plus he even change his looks with the face paint. cause some... more

marvel first hero to ever fight in ww2. and help take down the nazi. steve rogers was pick to be this super solider cause he had one thing that one else had heart. and the army didn't think he was the right person for the job cause he was... more

ok big news here people christain bale is not going be batman in the justice league movie and nolan not going help make it. the person who going make is zack snyder and his superman is on board do it. now the big question is who... more

ok i am iffy about disney taking over the films of star wars and indiana jones. i grew up with these movie i told myself i wanted to be a real life indiana jones. but now that disney bought the rights and films from mr lucas i am wondering... more

what can i say but it getting out of hand with these remakes that are giving the classic horror movie a bad name. just to name a few like texas chainsaw,halloween,fright night,friday the 13th. when i frist saw the remake of... more

transformers more then meets the eye. in the early 80's we had cartoon on saturday mornings call transformers. and when the toys hit they went i remember my mom had go to three different states cause my brother was trying to find... more

u wanted the best u got the best the hottest band in th world KISS. four guys from new york that look like something out of rocky horror picture show. wearing black outfit with weird boots and make-up. so here was kiss taking the music world by... more

movie about a family that stick with one an other. been through it all. dom,brain o connor, mia,leta, they been through alot. story about undercover agent that going after street racers who been robbing truck drivers. later on in the movie he finds... more

born at the turn of the century,jame howlett the man who one day becomes known and feared as wolverine was a sickly child. but he was also born a mutant,gifted with the remarkable ability to heal virtually instantaneously from almost any... more