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on the world finest show next week we are going be talking about macho man randy savage. now that he going be put in the hall of fame this year with the wwe. we are going be talking about his famous matches with ricky the dragon steam boat. the icon sting,hulk hogan and many others. plus put some stories about macho man to rest like why he hated hogan. and why him and miss elizabeth broke up cause they where dating in real life. but call in and let talk about the hall of fame macho man randy savage.
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what can i say but it getting out of hand with these remakes that are giving the classic horror movie a bad name. just to name a few like texas chainsaw,halloween,fright night,friday the 13th. when i frist saw the remake of... more

transformers more then meets the eye. in the early 80's we had cartoon on saturday mornings call transformers. and when the toys hit they went i remember my mom had go to three different states cause my brother was trying to find... more

u wanted the best u got the best the hottest band in th world KISS. four guys from new york that look like something out of rocky horror picture show. wearing black outfit with weird boots and make-up. so here was kiss taking the music world by... more

movie about a family that stick with one an other. been through it all. dom,brain o connor, mia,leta, they been through alot. story about undercover agent that going after street racers who been robbing truck drivers. later on in the movie he finds... more

born at the turn of the century,jame howlett the man who one day becomes known and feared as wolverine was a sickly child. but he was also born a mutant,gifted with the remarkable ability to heal virtually instantaneously from almost any... more

every film maker has a view on what batman should be on the big screen and what bruce wayne should be. nolan wanted to make his batman more real like he was living in today world. and face villains like... more

so marvel redid spiderman why what was wrong with toby as spider-man. i thought those films where good they stay true to his story and the outfit. where they took spider-man 4 story and said oh we are going redo this and have new... more

with the new 52 style of the hero's lately dc comics have been screwing up on alot of things with this new style and i don't like it i think it stinks. i want the old style back i want the old hero's back. the only thing that going good for dc comics are... more

who is superman for today kids there been alot talk lately on who should it be. is it tom welling from smallville brandon routh from superman returns or is it henry cavil from the new movie man of steel. my vote goes with tom welling. cause for... more

one of the greatest shows ever air on the cw and it lasted 10 seasons. smallville was telling the story on how a young clark kent becomes the hero we all know and love. him becoming superman. but the story was more base on how he... more