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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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ok i want the classic wonder woman back cause the new 52 wonder woman sucks. she not the daughter of zeus. she was made out clay and her mother but tiny bit of her blood on it and beg the gods to give her daughter life. plus she doesn't go around and sleep with superman. she a warrior who fights for women rights. i remember on how people look up to linda playing her. now we got gal gadot playing her. but there was alot women up for the role but all women gal gadot. the only reason i amd going see batman vs superman movie cause ben batman. i think he be able to pull it off. to me i want the classic wonder woman back and get rid of the new image wonder woman.
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so marvel redid spiderman why what was wrong with toby as spider-man. i thought those films where good they stay true to his story and the outfit. where they took spider-man 4 story and said oh we are going redo this and have new... more

with the new 52 style of the hero's lately dc comics have been screwing up on alot of things with this new style and i don't like it i think it stinks. i want the old style back i want the old hero's back. the only thing that going good for dc comics are... more

who is superman for today kids there been alot talk lately on who should it be. is it tom welling from smallville brandon routh from superman returns or is it henry cavil from the new movie man of steel. my vote goes with tom welling. cause for... more

one of the greatest shows ever air on the cw and it lasted 10 seasons. smallville was telling the story on how a young clark kent becomes the hero we all know and love. him becoming superman. but the story was more base on how he... more

first off robert downey jr as iron man perfect choice for the movies. he play it so well he did look and act like tony stark. plus he even got buff up abit for the role. and it put him back on the map. now he doing iron man 3 and other avengers... more

there been alot going on lately that been not good. people ending up on the streets. compaines been getting shut down or sold to someone else. and people have been promise jobs and have not been getting them. if u walk out in your... more

wonder woman been around for years in comics and tv but never on film. dc been trying to get a wonder woman movie off the ground but the question is who can play her. there been alot talk on actress and rumors like megan fox but she... more

when the big buget batman movie came out in the summer of 89 no one knew what kind of ride they where in for. micheal keaton as batman and jack as the joker and made so much money at the box office and even won oscars. so... more

bob kane made a famous hero for gotham city plus famous villains that people love to read. these villains try to take down gothman but one person stand in there way the batman. but no one knew there backgrounds when they first show... more

they have been called the fastest men alive. three generations of super hero's granted the power to tap into the extradimensional energy field called the speed force by a scientific experiment gone awry. each hero named himself the flash... more