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one of the greatest movies ever made indiana jones. these films were awesome and there been copycat movies out there like the mummy and tomb raider. but if it wasn't for indiana jones we wouldn't have these spin off or copycats. but what was your favorite indiana jones movie when u were growing up as a kid. plus what u think of the young indy shows after the third one came out. harrison ford was the best indiana jones and now there talk about a reboot movies. no word on who going play him. but i hope it turns out good and stay true to the classic ones that harrison ford did. but call in and tell us what u think of the first four movies and the upcoming reboot.
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who here remembers george reeves as superman for the small screen or christopher reeve making us believe a man can fly. and brandon routh superman returns don't get me wrong he was awesome superman and so was kevin spacy... more

back in summer of 89 the biggest movie came out it was call batman which start keaton as batman and jack as the prince of clown the joker. it became the biggest hit of summer of 89 and then in 92 batman returns came out. this time... more

what can we say about the teenage mutant ninja turtles. they been around for awhile now from comic books from the far east to here in america. then in the late 80's early 90's jim henson wanted bring the four brothers to the big screen in a... more

a cult classic christmas movie that star chevy chase beverly d'angleo randy quaid and all star cast of comdies. the plot goes that clark wants old fashion family christmas but anything that could go wrong does. even with cousin eddie. clark... more

lately there been talk about rebooting dc hero's green lantern and the batman and who ever playing theme is going be in the justice league movie. the reason there rebooting ryan movie green lantern cause dc felt it didn't make much at... more

kara kent/supergirl has been around for years. she is superman cousin and has the same powers that superman has.and clark train her on how to use her powers. like the heat vision super breath or super hearing. and the flying and... more

a true legend of acting. brought one of most love comic hero's to life on the big screen by playing superman. and did he play it well. even a broadway star and plus a grade student of princeton. what can we say about a true legend like... more

one of gene roddenberry greatest shows ever even the movies. star trek was made by gene in 64 and air 66 and it was air for three seasons. and it was a hit and had alot great villains like khan. even hero's like... more

sunset thomas star in 300 adult films including such classic as sex,latex and misty beethoven. now she stars in of web based reality show sin city mom. but here thing that people don't know about sunset. youngest inductee into adult... more

earth mightiest hero's the avengers. to watch over earth and protect. let see what they have a super solider captian america. a hulk bruce banner. two train killers hawkeye and blackwidow. demi god thor. and rich playboy tony stark who... more