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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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On the world finest were going give are finally thoughts on the avengers 2. To me this one going top the first one cause there more hero's and villians in this show. Plus the voice of ultron is James spader. This is going be a all star cast in this movie. There is talk that spider man going be in one of the avengers movie and rumor has it that wolverine might be in third one. But I wonder how big this one going be cause they also have x-men mutants in this Movie so that could open the door for Hugh Jackman coming in. So call in and give us your thoughts on the avengers 2. Plus what going happen with the third movie there been talk on who might show up like spider man or wolverine. But how would u feel if punisher show up and who could play him.
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the green hornet made it to the radio on january 31 1936. and at the same time it was going head to head with shows like the shadow and the lone ranger. during the day britt reid runs a news paper company and at night with his sidekick... more

lex luthor one of the greatest criminal minds of are time. and one of superman famous villains and help general zod to take down superman in superman 2. but alot of actors play him in tv shows and movies. gene hackman play him in first... more

who here can see julianne hough as supergirl. i can when i first saw her in the movie rock of ages i thought to myself she could pull of supergirl. and the movie they should do to open the justice league movie... more

u know lately there been alot of words going around on how this superman looks like tom welling from smallville. i wonder why they never got tom welling to do this man of steel. instead they got henry cavill in some parts looks like older tom... more

some how joel batman movie story been ending up on the internet lately and he was going be his next one if he was going make other one. it was going be call batman triumphant. and in this one it was going have jeff goldbulm as... more

20-0 at wrestlemania 20 victims fall to him at the event and now cm punk will face his nightmare. when he first show up at the wwe in 1990 alot people where like ok who is this guy. and he put fear into alot of superstars. and many have fallen to... more

for being wrestlemania week world finest is going do a show on are favorite wrestler of all time the game triple h. look at all the matches he been through with the rock,undertaker,stone cold and many more. when u step into that rock u... more

when the rock show up in the wwe by the mid 90's the monday night wars was just on the start. wcw and wwe where going head to head in ratings and wcw was winning. then the rock wanted to be a bad guy in the wwe and join up with the... more

what can we say about sting. he been through it all with wcw and tna impact. he had some greatest macthes with ric flair,hulk hogan,rick rude and many more. plus he even change his looks with the face paint. cause some... more

marvel first hero to ever fight in ww2. and help take down the nazi. steve rogers was pick to be this super solider cause he had one thing that one else had heart. and the army didn't think he was the right person for the job cause he was... more