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greatest team up in dc history batman and superman. they have fought side by side on many of times. plus help each other out and form the justice league with wonder woman help. there been times when joker teams up with lex and they try... more

lois and clark famous superman show from the 90's that air waves after the comic of death of superman came out. it start dean cain as clark kent/superman and teri hatcher as lois lane. the story of the show is how does clark kent hide on who he... more

as young child bruce wayne witness what no child wants to see is his parnets being gun down by a street thug over money. then later on bruce vow revenge and train his body and built his body into weapon. went to collage and study... more

ok there been talk that man of steel is going have that dark edgy look to it. i got me think if this superman movie is going be dark why not do the three stories on the death and return of superman when he faces doomsday. to me that... more

the prince of crime aka the joker. one of batman most wanted and likes to end the crime with a punch line. joker been trying to take over gotham for years and even at one time arkham. plus with his sidekick harley quinn who use to be a dr at... more

oliver queen aka the green arrow star city version of batman from dc comics. let say that oliver queen doesn't have a good past he a playboy millionaire. then one day he boat sank and he was on a island almost for 5 years. one day... more

there been talk lately about doing the batman arkham games and turn them into live action movies. and film makers want stay true to the games and the comics not the new 52 crap. first movie is going be taking place inside arkham cause... more

a cult classic from the 60's for tv that was chessy and corny but people love it adam west and burt ward as batman and robin. and the people who made the 60's tv show stay true to the comics at the time when they where being made in... more

who here remembers george reeves as superman for the small screen or christopher reeve making us believe a man can fly. and brandon routh superman returns don't get me wrong he was awesome superman and so was kevin spacy... more

back in summer of 89 the biggest movie came out it was call batman which start keaton as batman and jack as the prince of clown the joker. it became the biggest hit of summer of 89 and then in 92 batman returns came out. this time... more