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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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There been more talk about the batman game plus there been talk now they want push it for holiday. They having more problems while then been making the game and there working out the bugs on it. They did say this is the finale game for arkham games. But there been talk they want bring in superman in the game at the end. And maybe to world finest game. I think they should have game come out around the same time when batman superman movie comes out. If it true if man of steel comes in at the end. There been so many talk about the game. But if u heard any thing about the game call in and share on what u heard. People been waiting for This games and also been trying guess on who the knight is.
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in the summer of 87 the biggest sci-fi movie came out and it was call robocop half man half robot all law. and it was a hit at the box offices and then two more came out and then the tv shows and the tv movies. robocop was it he was... more

what was your favorite batman movie when the first four came out with batman,batman returns,batman forever and batman and robin. i grew up with these movies when they first came out and when each one came out they were... more

people always wonder if batman and daredevil are almost the same person. i say they are. both bruce and matt lost there parents when they were kids when there parents where kill by crime. and both wanted justice in there city so when they... more

is wcw and impact wrestling are the same company but under different names. when vince bought wcw in 2001 he won the monday night wars. then out of the blue this new company shows up it call impact wrestling. but in this one u got... more

there been so many news going around so far about man of steel 2. the biggest news so far is that the dark knight is going be in it play by ben affleck i am wondering what his outfit going look like. and u think about it that daredevil is... more

do u remember when the twin towers being attack and what u where doing that day. where u at work,home school,doing lawn work. what u where doing when u heard when the twin towers where attack. me i was glew to the tv set... more

if u remember the monday night wars then u remember the nwo and what it did with the wcw and ted turner company. having members like hulk hogan,scott hall,kevin nash,macho man and many others. but i got say if we didn't have the... more

there been so many version of the headless horseman and dracula on film and tv. and starting this fall on september 16 fox is going air sleppy hollow and try image the famous tale in today time. where the headless horseman is going... more

how can u top the warner brothers cartoons like bugs bunny and daffy duck. u can't they where the true classic cartoons that kids where watching at the time and still do. now these days u can watch them on turner classic movie... more

in the summer of 2015 j.j. abrams going come out with new star wars movie and it going take place years after of return of the jedi. but no word if harrison ford or mark hamill is going come back. or there going finish the story without them and... more