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just ideas i got popping in my head everyday i want share them with u

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one of the greatest films ever made in the early 80's escape from new york. kurt russell as snake plissken has go in new york prison and get the cheif of the usa out of there and he got 24 hrs do it. the film became a hit a cult following. then... more

there no other mad max forget tom hardy the true mad max is mel gibson. i can't see anyone else playing him for the new movie. i think it sucks they didn't bring back mel and went with younger guy so that means is it reboot of the films or it... more

on the world finest we are going be talking about one of the most famous batman villains of all time the joker. and how his story came about and which origin story is true to him. is it the red hood story the 89 movie. cause there been so... more

''why do we fall so we learn to pick are self up.'' that what bruce wayne had to learn on what happen to him when he was a child his parents getting murder in front of him when he was 6 or 8 years old and live with it rest of life. so when... more

one of the greatest films ever made. richard donner superman movies 1 and 2 his cut that was finally out on dvd and it is alot of better. donner did get inside the comic and brought it to the big screen and he took the chance on a unknown... more

tonight on the world finest we are paying tribute to the famous actor robin williams and his famous roles he did and almost did.

who know that ghostbusters been around for 30 years. from the first film to the second and the cartoon the real ghostbusters. and then extreme ghostbusters where the real ghostbusters where left off but with new kids and then a video... more

one of the greatest movies ever made indiana jones. these films were awesome and there been copycat movies out there like the mummy and tomb raider. but if it wasn't for indiana jones we wouldn't have these spin off or copycats. but... more

on the world finest were going talk about one of the key members of the justice league the green lantern. there been so many lanterns out there but the two that stick out the most is hal and john. those two are members in the justice league.... more

on the world finest show we are going be talking about the history of batman and robin the true classic history from comics,small scree,big screen and cartoons like 90's batman cartoons. and plus in the movies like batman forever and... more