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the joker and harley quinn

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the joker is undeniably the most dangerous and unpredictable for batman has ever encountered. he literall rinvents himself each morning, concocting deadly new laught-riots to bedevil the dark knight and his allies. while safely confined within the impregnable walls of arkham asylum for the criminally insane, the joker has spun investigating psychiatrists various yarns concerning his trouble origins. most of his tales can be dismissed, but a few fact remain that give some insight into how this leering lunatic came into being. but there been one person at his side her name is harley quinn. former doctor at arkham and fell in love with the joker. and been there through thick and thin with him. there been times she teams up with ivy and try to take over gotham but she can never get joker out her head when she leaves him. no matter how hard she try she back with the joker. there one time where they went to superman city and team up with lex and try to take down to hero's in one batman and superman but that didn't work out. that when world finest was born. also there been sometimes she wanted kids with the joker and now she might get that chance that way arkham city ended. but no matter what happens to them harley going have joker back when it comes to fighting batman and robin. now in the arkham games joker was using her as a pawn in the first one cause she use to be a doctor there. but in arkham city joker was sick and dying and she was taking care of the joker. but at the end of game like i said we find out she going have a kid. but now with the new arkham game being made and it going be a origin story on how it all started. there been talk that there going show the joker at the end of game. and harley quinn is a doctor at arkham. it going be call arkham origins. it that true it going be cool but they have said mark won't come back and voice the joker. and kevin conroy is not going be the voice of the batman so let see what happens.
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