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the x-men is a team of superhuman mutants that was founded by professor charles xavier [professor x]. who is not only a mutant himself, but is also one of the world's leading authorities on mutation. in founding the x-men, xavier had two principals purposes. first he sought to find young mutants and to train them in utilizing their superhuman powers. second xavier intended the x-men to serve as a  combat team to defend ''ordinary'' humans against attack by other mutants. further, charles recognizes the normal human tend to fear and distrust the mutants who are appearing in there midst. and that therefore mutants offen suffer persecution thanks to other mutant name magneto aka eric lehnsherr and his brother hood who put the fear into the humans. so the x-men got protect the world from magneto and the brotherhood. but there times that people in white house disagree on the x-men and want all mutants wipe from the face of the earth. so we go other war going on with humans vs the mutants.

now speaking of x-men hugh jackman movie the wolverine comes out on july 26 and in this one it takes place after x-men 3. someone from logan past is been trying to find him over a year cause he save his life during ww2 when america drop the bomb on japan. so he wants to repay logan but making him human a normal person and what weapon x did to logan and change that. so now when he get shot or stap he doesn't heal he trying to find out what going on here i am healing like i use to. cause the person he save from the bomb in a well and cover his body while logan use his claws to hang on to wall of the well. is making him a human but with the claws still in him. but he trying to tell the guy what they did to me make me like this can't be change. so now logan is put through the test in this one. now it has been said that hugh jackman is going be in the avengers 2.