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u wanted the best u got the best the hottest band in th world KISS. four guys from new york that look like something out of rocky horror picture show. wearing black outfit with weird boots and make-up. so here was kiss taking the music world by storm. so during the mid 70's they take the comic book world by storm with marvel and stan lee help. so what does stan lee do. take this people they play on stage the demon,starchild,space ace,catman. and make them super hero's where gene boots can attack someone or he can breathe fire. stuff like that sometimes they even team up with the x-men which is weird sometimes.  it wasn't until late 90's early 2'000's kiss came back with new look with them with the pschyo circus comic books. where gene simmons is ring master and peter is circus circus animal handler and when crime hits they turn into kiss but there more animal and demon look. if u haven't read them they are awesome. but do u think it was a smart move for kiss to hit comic books and put these hero's on comic book page or do u think it was bad mistake for them. me i think it was a smart move. plus there been talk lately about kiss doing a cartoon movie as there comic book hero's for the big screen. me i would like to see that happen. but let wait and see what paul and gene do with that idea. so call in and tell me what u think of the band kiss as comic books hero's
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