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Anthony and Shaun Show

Anthony and Shaun Show


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one of the greatest shows ever air on the cw and it lasted 10 seasons. smallville was telling the story on how a young clark kent becomes the hero we all know and love. him becoming superman. but the story was more base on how he becomes earth hero and where did it start. and how his powers started through out the seasons the heat vision,super hearing,super speed, his body getting stronger to take hits from bullets and other stuff. but he never fly when the show first started. but what i like about the show is how they show lex in smallville and becoming friends with clark then later on they start to hate each other and couldn't stand clark. lex had a weird feeling about clark didn't know what it was until one day he pay a visit to fortress and found out who clark really was. and try to kill clark. but later on they brought in other villains for clark to face like toyman,general zod,bizzaro and many others beside lex. and then tess shows up someone who work with lex in the past and knew what lex what trying to find when she first show up. clark always had friends on his side like chole,lana ,pete ross. but the big guns of the shows where clark parents on the farm john from the dukes of hazzard playing his father mr kent and mrs o toole play martha kent. there was other thing i love about the show was how they brought in other hero's like john jones,green arrow,hawkman,dr fate and many more they even form the justice league in the show more then once. but the story was more on clark on how he was going become superman. that finally happen in season 10 when he finally listen to his father jor-el and found out his trails where in smallville the whole time learning on how to become this hero and finally took off flying. then dawn the suite and cape and took off flying out of the fortress and face darkside and beat him. and world call him superman. and he was starting to learn on how to use the glasses and become clark kent we all know and love.