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myth of texas chainsaw

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what is the true story behind texas chainsaw. how did the story come about. and what the true story behind. cause there so many myths behind it. like real life killer ed gein is base on leatherface. but they just added the family members into the story for the extra part. now ed gein was truely a mother boys he did listen to what his mother said. and his mom was a major bible reader to ed and told him that women are evil. but here the thing ed only kill two people that it. he just took human flesh off dead people and made a mask out of it or made couches or lamps out of the body parts. ed gein hometown was madison wisconsin not texas. but when he was arrested by the cops and hollywood heard about the story on this guy they made movies base on him. like alferd hitchcock made physco or in 74 tobe hopper made the texas chainsaw movie and leatherface was base on ed gein. other family members where just extras for the show. to teach leatherface the saw is the family women are evil. like ed gein mother did. but then rob zombie flick devil rejects and house of a 1000 corpses  is base on ed gein. now ed gein did die in 1985 and his house was burn down. cause after what the town heard what he did they went out and burn the devil house down they said. but there been so many movies base on ed gein life or like i said spin offs like texas chainsaw and phscyo with the hotel owner watching poor old mother. who kept his mother dead body in the basement and had 2 minds in one his mother and norman. so what is the true myth with texas chainsaw and the movie psycho to ed gein life. call in give me your thoughts or just listen but if u seen the new chainsaw movie call in to give us your thoughts on it to.