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as young child bruce wayne witness what no child wants to see is his parnets being gun down by a street thug over money. then later on bruce vow revenge and train his body and built his body into weapon. went to collage and study law and science and other stuff. but for some odd reason he left gotham. and the years later came back. and pick up where he left off. so one night he went into the streets of gotham and try to put the fear into the people but it wasn't working he came back with bullets or stap wounds on him or even worst. so one day he was sitting in his room where he kept his painting of his parents and ask how can i strike the fear into the people then his answer came crashing through the window. it was a bat and landed on the painting. and bruce took it as a sign. found out where the bat came from and found the cave it was under the house so that became his hideout where he kept his outfit batmoblie and his high tech weapons and toys. so one night as batman he put the fear into gotham and only two people he had on his side was gordon and alfred. cause gordon knew what the batman was doing. going after the mob and crooked cops that work on the force that work with them. so the only person that batman can turn to is gordon. cause batman knew he can trust him. but people wonder who is the real bruce wayne. a million dollars person who runs wayne tech and dates models and moviestars. or the person who dresses up as a bat and put the fear into gotham cause he doesn't want a child go through what bruce went through when he was child. but that did happen with dick grayson aka robin. dick parents where kill but a mob hitman and bruce train him and took him under his wing. and call him robin.  so now he had gordon alfred and dick on his side. then later came the famous villains like joker,two-face and others. but bruce origin been told over and over in comics and movies.