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there been talk lately about doing the batman arkham games and turn them into live action movies. and film makers want stay true to the games and the comics not the new 52 crap. first movie is going be taking place inside arkham cause joker taking over the joint. second one arkham city hugo strange teams up with ras al ghul and take down gotham. so they make lower part of gotham as a prison. like kurt russell movie escape from new york. big wall prison. so bruce goes in as batman and stops hugo but not knowing that ras al ghul is behind the whole thing. so all the villains have there space where they can rule in the city. but what makes bruce iffy about this is that hugo doesn't care what happens inside arkham city. if two-face caught catwoman and wants to kill her let him have his fun. but what batman doesn't know that he been the pawn all this time in the games for arkham and the city. we won't find out why until the third game comes out which is going have superman in it. but mark did say that he will do the voice for the joker again but this will be the last time he does it. cause the third arkham game is a prequel leading up to the event of arkham asylum and arkham city. what is hugo up to. but who can u see play the villains for the movies for off i can see johnny depp as the joker and sheri moon zombie as harley. but also there saying is that we get the true bane in the movie not the nolan bane. and we do get see more of the asylum in the movie like we did in the first game. but when it comes to arkham city that going be fun to make. cause that going have all of the villains in it and robin and nightwing. but there only one person i can see play nightwing is jason david frank from power rangers he play tommy. but who ever plays batman in these movies will play batman in the upcoming justice league movie. so maybe if they do third game make a movie out of that then we get world finest movie. but call in give me your thoughts.
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