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the batman and green lantern reboot movies

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lately there been talk about rebooting dc hero's green lantern and the batman and who ever playing theme is going be in the justice league movie. the reason there rebooting ryan movie green lantern cause dc felt it didn't make much at the box office and they felt they rush it and screw up everything with the movie. how can u screw up green lantern first off he a space cop and he pertect the galaxy and his planet of they want reboot green lantern and have different actor play him and the same actor is going be in the justice league movie. but they are going use the green lantern hal jordan for the reboot at first there was talk to use john stewart and use the wwe superstar dwayne johnson aka the rock for the role. but i thought the movie was awesome it stay true to the story of hal jordan becoming the green lantern.

now on to the batman reboot. now that christain bale done playing batman and nolan done making them. dc wants reboot batman and call it the batman and it going be base on his second year when bruce wayne is batman and fighting thugs and gotham most wanted on the streets and there going call it the batman. but the reboot might be base on the hit video game batman arkham asylum. where batman is fighting the joker and other villains inside arkham asylum. cause joker took over arkham and batman inside trying take it back. if u haven't play the video games they are awesome. it comes close to real life movie with the batman. and rockstar video game made part two call it arkham city. the only person i can see play the joker is johnny depp. but no word on who is going make it or who going star as batman and green lantern. me i can see chris pine as green lantern as for batman that a hard choice but i can see jason david frank as nightwing if they do arkham city as a movie. but like i said get johnny depp as the joker he the only actor i can see pull him off.

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