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captain america/the avengers

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earth mightiest hero's the avengers. to watch over earth and protect. let see what they have a super solider captian america. a hulk bruce banner. two train killers hawkeye and blackwidow. demi god thor. and rich playboy tony stark who protect people with his war suite call iron man. person that built the team was nick fury of sheild. now the story goes with the avengers that they found cap body up north in ice but he was still alive. so nick wanted him to be the leader of the avengers. cause he be the perfect soilider for the team. but through the years more hero's have join the avengers like wolverine,spider-man,the punisher cause nick and castle know each other. some other hero's came and gone. the avengers are like dc comics the justice league. but still wonder who cam first the avengers or justice league. they been throught so many battles but they always got each other back. now this past summer marvel comics came out with the avengers which bank in so much money. the way they did first 2 iron man movies,thor,the hulk and captain america and teasing us with the avengers smart idea. so now dc going jump on the band wagon and do the justice league movie by having it start with superman man of steel. they better do it right. but let see what happens with dc. but truley love the avengers and the other movies i thought they where made perfect.
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