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on the world finest were going talk about the history of Bruce wayne. after seeing the death of his parents what drove a kid to dress up as a bat. well we are going talk about that. plus how old he was when he left Gotham and why. we're did he go and who taught him the skills of the martial arts. also going talk about on how old he was when he found the famous bat cave. plus going talk about how old he really was when he suite up as batman and we're he got idea for the look. so call in and give us your thoughts on the history of Bruce wayne.
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this week on the world finest were going talk about the man of steel on the small screen. from George reeve to Tom welling. there been a lot of versions of superman on tv. plus different versions of his stories on how he got his famous... more

There been more talk about the batman game plus there been talk now they want push it for holiday. They having more problems while then been making the game and there working out the bugs on it. They did say this is the finale game for... more

On the world finest were going give are finally thoughts on the avengers 2. To me this one going top the first one cause there more hero's and villians in this show. Plus the voice of ultron is James spader. This is going be a all star cast in this... more

On the world finest were going give are review on furious 7. And talk about past movies with Paul walker it sad he didn't get to finish this movie. But I think the tribute they did for him was nice showing past clips of Paul in the fast and... more

Now that we seen the trailer to the new superman batman movie we are going give are thoughts on it. Plus talk about past cartoons and TV shows that had these two biggest icons from DC comics. There was talk once about Tom... more

On the world finest were going talk about this season of arrow and the past seasons of the show. This season of the arrow is good it not great but good. Brandon routh came in as Roy palmer aka Mr atom. Also they team up with the... more

On the world finest were going talk about the flash and what been going this season. Like what might happen with Barry Allen if he goes back in time and try stop the yellow flash. Plus the hero's and villains they brought in so far. This... more

on this week of the world finest where going talk about updates on the new supergirl tv that coming on this fall. where going talk about the villain,the outfit, and where they might go with the tv show. but the thing got me is the... more

this week show where going talk about are finale thoughts on the wrestlemania 31. which match is going stand out the most. me i got say it going be triple h vs icon sting. or it might be undertaker vs wyatt but what kind of match is it... more

there going be two top main events at wrestlemania. bray wyatt vs undertaker and roman vs brock for the heavyweight title. people saying that roman can't get the job done i think he can. yes brock going give him a beating. but i truly... more