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who know that ghostbusters been around for 30 years. from the first film to the second and the cartoon the real ghostbusters. and then extreme ghostbusters where the real ghostbusters where left off but with new kids and then a video game of the ghostbusters where the game looks like the movie. now there talk about a third one even when harold ramis past away. u think that a right move or just leave it alone after the game came out. i say leave it alone after the game and now the comic books out on the ghostbusters. nothing can come close on what they did with the first one. the first one a true classic. now they have halloween outfits out there with the jumpsuites with the logo on it. so let talk about a true classic film they was writen by snl and sctv cast members and also talk about ghostbusters 3 updates is it going happen or not. plus talk about a new cartoon from what i been hearing
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one of the greatest movies ever made indiana jones. these films were awesome and there been copycat movies out there like the mummy and tomb raider. but if it wasn't for indiana jones we wouldn't have these spin off or copycats. but... more

on the world finest were going talk about one of the key members of the justice league the green lantern. there been so many lanterns out there but the two that stick out the most is hal and john. those two are members in the justice league.... more

on the world finest show we are going be talking about the history of batman and robin the true classic history from comics,small scree,big screen and cartoons like 90's batman cartoons. and plus in the movies like batman forever and... more

last night on raw they gave us a huge shock. the icon sting is in the wwe and plus he is in wwe2k15 and in the game u get blond flat top sting and the crow sting. but now he saying he wants a big match with the undertaker at wrestlemania... more

ok there been talk alot of talk that the icon sting is coming to the wwe. nothing been said or writen yet. he does have a legend contract but not a full wwe contract. which means when don't know when he is coming in or going show up... more

i saw the trailer for the new show done by dc comics gotham and i am not happy with the show at all. first how is a 8-12 year old bruce wayne going to learn on how to become the batman. and showing the villains for the first time... more

back in the 90's jim henson was on something when he did the teenage mutant ninja turtles live action movie. it was a classic and a hit plus it follow the cartoons. then came 2 and 3. which i thought were good but when they did the cartoon... more

on the world finest we are going talk about the movie world finest movies and compare it to batman/superman dawn of justice. cause now there saying lex luthor is going be in it and teaming up with other villain and try to take down the top... more

we are going be giving are thoughts of batman arkham knights before the game comes out this fall. talk about some of stuff we been hearing like villains that are going be in the game plus who might not be in it like the joker. and they are... more

what we are going talk about is the true classic stories of dc comics on the small screen,big screen and in comic books. there been so many like superman death. death of the robin. and even the cult classic tv shows like smallville,wonder... more