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USING THE IDEA THAT FREQUENCIES CONTAINED IN THE VOICE ARE HOLOGRAPHIC REPRESENTATIONS OF YOUR STATE OF HEALTH, THE FIELD OF HUMAN BIOACOUSTICS WAS PIONEERED. • Each person possesses unique harmonics of frequency that can be expressed through the voice. However, when these complex frequencies of the body become unbalanced, the voice primarily reflects this altered state, and the body manifests it as dis-stress or dis-ease at the structural and biochemical levels. In reality, there are no solids. We exist in a universe that consists entirely of energy. Einstein proved this. Frequency defines it. Frequency, as vibrational medicine, is at the heart of the world of wellness as we know it. Nearly thirty years of development by Sharry Edwards has shown that every muscle, compound, process and structure of the body has a Frequency Equivalent™ that can be mathematically calculated. The body is a predictable math matrix. This provides the foundation for the concept that the body's ability to heal itself can originate as frequency interactions between the molecular signals of the entire body. When these patterns become discordant, dis-ease is the result. Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling can be used to determine which nutrient frequencies are required by the body. Meet our co-host, Richard Olson. With over 30 years experience Richard Olson is a determined researcher and experienced alternative practitioner. He is a Master Herbalist and expert in a variety of other nutritional systems. Richard has extensive training in many body-energy modalities, including cranial sacral, Bowen Method, Swedish Esalen, and Imagicreation. Many energy healers have benefited from his background in Radio and sound technology; working with Richard in the development of effective use of The Voice. His interesting mix of right brain intuition and left brain education guarantees a transformational and entertaining experience.

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