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3PM PST / 6PM EST Tues.,Thurs. & Sun. CALL-IN NUMBER (424) 222-5360. Bold, relevant and provocative, we talk about the hottest cultural, political and religious issues. Sharon Hughes is joined by co-hosts Audrey Russo, Debra Rae, Brad Stine, William Federer, Myles Weiss and Duane Hughes. Sharon's regular broadcast is heard on flagship station KDIA AM1640 @ 4:30 pm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and more across the country. See website for stations and times: Sharon Hughes is Founder & President of the The Center for Changing Worldviews, and Host of Changing Worldviews TALK Radio. The Center seeks to inform on the most critical issues of the day, and to also make a difference in the lives of others through Operation Heartlift to Support our Troops & their Families, and Operation ARC to help rescue at-risk-children overseas & here at home from sex-trafficking and homelessness.

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Joining Audrey Russo for this Thursday's REELTalk will be Irish filmmakers/journalists Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney to discuss their controversial films, "Mine Your Own Business", "Not Evil, Just Wrong" and their... more

Joining Debra Rae for this month's TRUTHTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Diana Wakefield and Susan Johnsen to discuss a simple, but sure strategy toward cultural transformation. Co-administrators for PRAY THURSTON 24/7,... more

Only 249 days until the November 2012 presidential election. We'll discuss Super Tuesday, the GOP candidates, where do they, and Pres. Obama, stand on jobs and the economy (in their own words), and what mandates, other than the... more

Joining Audrey for REELTalk is the legendary singer, Pat Boone...discussing his recent CD. And are there patriotic Americans left in Tinseltown? Well, Pat and the Beverly Hills Tea Party prove it to be true! And joining Audrey for her second... more

Gasoline Prices -- Corporate Tax Hike -- Dividend Tax -- Bonuses for Solyndra and GE moving to China are just a few of the topics we cover today as Duane Hughes joins Sharon, and then, Economist Jim Case joins Sharon to talk about... more

Joining Sharon is Janet Folger, author and founder of Faith2Action to talk about how pushing God out of the public arena is increasing discrimination in America, why and how it's in vogue, and the dangerous elements of this anti-Christian... more

Jim Moorehead, America's 'Crisis Advisor' and author of Instant Survivor joins Sharon to talk about how to survive when crisis hits our families, our jobs and our nation. He's appeared on CNN, CSNBC, FOX News and we'll discuss the... more

Joining Pete Parker, former Navy Seabee and Professional Strength Athlete, for this month's ?TUFFTalk? edition of Changing Worldviews, is former IDF Special Operator and best selling author Steven Hartov to discuss national security,... more

Joining Sharon are Debra Rae and Audrey Russo to talk about what scenarios are in America's and Israel's future? Will the U.S. stand with Israel against Iran? What does it mean for a nation to have a destiny? Does America have one?... more

Joining Debra Rae on this month's TRUTHTalk edition of Changing Worldviews are Rick Forcier, Exec. Dir. WA Christian Coalition, and Steve T. O'Ban, trial attorney, to talk about the right of conscience/ religious freedom for pharmacists... more
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