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Friday 'Lunchtime' Shows & Studies: 1st-3rd Fridays-GODTalk with Guests on Faith-related issues & 4th Friday-WOMANTalk Encouraging us to Stand Strong! in the Day in Which We Live Study. Our world, our nation, our families and our personal lives are being challenged as never before in history, and all of us can use the encouragement that comes from sharing together in the Word, in order that we can stand strong in the face of today's challenges, and even persecution. In addition to being a 12-year veteran Radio Talk Show Host, and the Founder/President of The Center for Changing Worldviews, Sharon Hughes is a public speaker and Bible Teacher, attended Bible College working on her Marriage & Family Counseling degree, and is one of the founding co-leaders of Women In Christ which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Center for Changing Worldviews which seeks to inform citizens on the critical issues facing our nation, and to engage them in civic responsibility. Other divisions are Operation Heartlift to support our Troops, and Operation ARC to help Rescue at-risk-children from sex-trafficking. After 11 years on the air on KDIA AM1640 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sharon's weekly radio program now originates out of the beautiful Sierra-Nevada Foothills of California on KMYC AM1410 every Sunday from 3:00-5:00pm PDT. You can find more information on that show @ &

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Joining Sharon is Teresa Fleming, founder of Moms for America, to tell what she is doing to make a difference in her state and in the nation, such as leading the way for passage of several pro-family initiatives, and why she believes moms... more

Joining Audrey for this month's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews are filmmakers/actors James Patrick Riley and Gary Moore, who have joined forces, with their extensive backgrounds in acting, and have established Bay Colony... more

Joining Sharon and co-host Audrey Russo is author and award-winning film producer, Caryl Matrisciana, to talk about her latest film "Wide is the Gate - The Emerging New Christianity." A controversial, yet important subject, that looks at... more

There's a theory that the Federal Reserve is designed to transfer wealth from the U. S. to international bankers of the NWO. Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws." What's... more

Joining Sharon are co-hosts Debra Rae and Audrey Russo to continue the discussion of Pres. Obama's five Faith Advisors. Who are they and what do they believe? What are their soci-political views, and how are they impacting the... more

NEW! Joining Pete Parker, former Navy Seabee and Professional Strength Athlete, for the kick-off of this month's ?TUFFTalk? edition of Changing Worldviews, is journalist, author and screenwriter Michael Walsh, to discuss... more

Joining Sharon and co-host Audrey Russo are two female veterans, Captain Leslie Smith and Yolanda Jones, who both suffered severe wounding and disabilities as a result of war, but are using their experiences for good to... more

Ample oxygen ensures the very survival of astronauts, scuba divers, and submariners. Arguably, the same applies to ?oxygen for relationships." Joining Debra Rae for this month's TRUTHTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Noel... more

Joining Sharon is Paul Ibbetson, former Chief of Police, now author and Radio Host, to talk about his new book, "The Good Fight!" and how conservatives need a sound strategic blueprint for its future success to be assured. Paul... more

Joining Audrey Russo for this month's REELTalk edition of the show is actress Janine Turner, best known for her role as Maggie O'Connell' in the Emmy Award-winning CBS series, Northern Exposure, for which she earned three... more
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