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Women Enjoying Success with Entrepreneurial Coach and Mentor Sharon Michaels - An empowered look at how today’s women are achieving and enjoying success, happiness and prosperity. Sharon shares real-world success strategies to help you grow yourself, your wealth and your business. Come and join us on an exciting, and sometimes emotional, journey to greater personal and professional success. - For over twenty five years Sharon Michaels has been coaching and mentoring women entrepreneurs - women who have chosen to work successfully for themselves. You can find Sharon at http://www.WomenEnjoyingSuccess.com and http://SharonMichaels.com

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**This is a rebroadcast from Sharon's Entrepreneurial Women Radio** Join mentor to women in business Sharon Michaels as she interviews entrepreneur, artist and mother Julie Rustad of julieoriginals.com and Desert Dwellers Flash... more
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A rebroadcast of one of my favorite shows. Join executive producer and host Sharon Michaels as she shares her 10 powerful ways to develop a prosperous and wealthy mindset. It's all about thinking like a millionaire. Listen as Sharon... more

Just in time for the holidays and the New Year - Sharon Michaels, host of Women Enjoying Success and mentor to women in business shares her special list of favorite gifts for women entrepreneurs who want to succeed and thrive in their... more

A rebroadcast of another one of my favorite holiday interviews with EFT expert and performance coach Janet Hilts - make this a stress-free holiday and New Year season. Women Enjoying Success Talk Radio Executive Producer... more

This is one of my favorite "holiday season" broadcasts - please enjoy this rebroadcast! Sharon Michaels, (Sharon Michaels) mentor to women in business and host of Women Enjoying Success, talks with Performance Coach Janet... more

Join mentor to women in business and self-sabotage expert Sharon Michaels as she helps you recognize the things you're doing that may be keeping you from the things you want. You'll want pen and paper handy so you can write your... more

Join me, Sharon Michaels, as I officially launch my newest paperback and Kindle ebook - 21 Days to Living Your Dreams. Come listen as I explain why I wrote the book, read an excerpt and share some ways you can go for your goals and live... more

Success in business, and in life, often depends upon your ability to think independently and make wise choices and decisions. Join mentor to women in business Sharon Michaels as she discusses why thinking independently is... more

Join mentor to women in business Sharon Michaels as she shares with you some of her favorite personal and professional development books. This is the perfect time to think about buying some life-changing and/or business-building books... more

Are you proactive with your finances? Join mentor to women in business Sharon Michaels as she share her five how-to's for becoming more proactive with your finances. Self-discipline can make the difference between struggling paycheck... more

Do you have a doable plan of action for developing your day-to-day personal growth? Join Sharon Michaels, mentor to women in business, as she shares practical ways to develop your own personalized self-development plan of action... more
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