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Share My World features the transparent journey and transformation of LaKisha Riddick. She shares her trials and triumphs with relationships, emotions and personal goals. "Thank you for sharing MY world. Now go and share YOUR world with others!"

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You get to choose your friends but you don't get to choose your family. How do you make it work with your family without giving up? You can walk away from your family, but they're still your family. Nothing changes the fact that you are... more

How many times have you gone to bed and wondered "where did the time go?" You're reflecting on the day and wonder "what did I actually accomplish today besides the same mundane routines that I do everyday?" This becomes a... more

As we close out one year and begin a new year, we often become disappointed and discouraged at all of the things that didn't happen. It is so easy to look back and ask, "why me?". But it is more productive to ask, "why not me?" Let's take... more

After discovering your purpose on earth, have you accepted the call to uniquely fulfill His purpose on earth? It is not enough to simply discover your purpose. You have to make a choice to accept the calling and follow His... more

Sometimes, you can live your life and go through the motions. You create a checklist of all the things you want to do when you grow up, but then what? Is that checklist all there is to having a purposeful life? Hear my journey of how I am... more

We are excited to answer some questions that were submitted by our listeners! This episode focuses on our journey of becoming parents. We will share how our backgrounds influenced our parenting paradigm. Hear how we are learning to... more

Listen as we continue to reminisce on our love story about how we met and how we are learning to become one physically, spiritually and financially. Be reminded in your marriages to renew the passion and purpose of your relationship... more

Learn how 2 people traveling on different journeys experienced transformation individually that prepared them to be at the right place at the right time to travel a new journey together. Be encouraged in your singleness to find hope for your... more

Due to the great response to the show that aired 9/22, I'm hosting another show on friendships! I will be answering some questions that were submitted by the listening audience dealing with conflict resolution, purpose and understanding... more

Everyone wants to be a good friend and have good friends in their lives. What does it mean to be a "good friend"? What is the purpose of friendships? How do you find "good friends"? Once you find them, how do you maintain these... more