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A podcast discussing all things geek through sexual innuendo

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This week we'll discuss all the stuff that's spilled onto the internet due to the massive hack and leak suffered by Sony. Plus we'll entertain the idea about a show that takes place on a planet that explodes. is it plausible? (It's not.) as a... more

So as you've probably heard the cast has been annouced for DC's Suicide Squad. While many people have had this or that to say about it, I'm calling it complete bullshit. I find it hard to belive the movie will happen let alone that the cast... more

We'll be discussing the Jurassic World Trailer and how errily simular it was to the horrible plot we jokingly gave thought to. plus other tidbits floating around the internets. The meat & potatoes of this episode, however, will focus on what... more

I've crawled out of the shell that I've been living in while devoting copious amounts of my time to Dragon Age Inquistion to tell you that the game is wonderful. We'll discuss it and how it compares to the rest of the series and why... more

Tonight we're going to be talking about the world of crowd funding and just how annoying and unprofessional some of the people running these campaigns can be. We've spoken before about Kickstarter and Indie-gogo and had... more

Tonight we're talking the Marvel Movies that were anonnounced over the week and what it might mean in relation to DC's anouncements and movies in general. plus Fox and Sony push forward with their plans to bleed a stone with the... more

Hello there everyone. Fantastic show up on the tap tonight. We're talking about GamerGate, what is it, what it means and we'll weigh in on it as well. Also being that it is halloween and everyone is dressing up and doing whatever lately it... more

Hello ladies and gents! tonight will be revisiting those damned fools over at warner and their plans going into 2020 plus we'll be discussing the reasons Black Widow has gotten her own movie and why Marvel is reluctant to make a female lead,... more

On this thrilling edition of FMFR we'll be talking about the end of Saturday morning cartoons. we'll reminice on the good ol'days when we would wake up early on saturday to stay up to date on our favorite cartoons and what those... more

We're back this week with an all new episode and a guest! I invited good friend and fellow comic book artist Phil Buck to the show and we'll be discussing the new Deadpool movie and the catch 22 that comes with animation and... more