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A podcast discussing all things geek through sexual innuendo

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Hello there everyone. Fantastic show up on the tap tonight. We're talking about GamerGate, what is it, what it means and we'll weigh in on it as well. Also being that it is halloween and everyone is dressing up and doing whatever lately it... more

Hello ladies and gents! tonight will be revisiting those damned fools over at warner and their plans going into 2020 plus we'll be discussing the reasons Black Widow has gotten her own movie and why Marvel is reluctant to make a female lead,... more

On this thrilling edition of FMFR we'll be talking about the end of Saturday morning cartoons. we'll reminice on the good ol'days when we would wake up early on saturday to stay up to date on our favorite cartoons and what those... more

We're back this week with an all new episode and a guest! I invited good friend and fellow comic book artist Phil Buck to the show and we'll be discussing the new Deadpool movie and the catch 22 that comes with animation and... more

This week we'll be talking about the new super girl show within the works and the announcement of the Shazam movie. CW is going down on a supergirl show and The Rock has officially been cast as Black Adam aka The Skorpion king.

This week we're taking a look at the effects of exclusivity on next gen level, The rumor of a "no joke" rule on DC films and the return of not one but two beloved super heroes. The Tick and Blade. if rumors are to be believed The Tick is... more

This week we're gonna reflect on all the stuff from gamescom: Exclusive rights to tomb raider, the kojima reveal. yada yada yad. We're also going to take a look at the alraming amount of videogame inspired . That's right, THAT kinda .... more

Tonight, we pay tribute to a friend, a father and an influence. We lost the incomparable Robin Williams and his Jumanji co-star Bradley Pierce will be joining us to share memories. We'll also be discussing the impact Robin's death... more

I've got a bone to pick with Eli Roth and Hemlock Grove. yes this is going to be a rant, yes there will be a lot of profanity and yes I know it will change nothing. Somethings must be done as a point of principle. So lube up or shut up. plus... more