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A podcast discussing all things geek through sexual innuendo

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two topics on the dockett, first is the Incredible Fallout 4 news Bethesda brought their entire suite but nothing was more jaw dropping than Fallout. we'll get you all caught up. Second is the ever growing frustration between Comic Book creators... more

Josh Trank recently backed out of a really cool job that a lot of people would've killed for. Fresh off the heels of Fantastic Four, Trank was set to take up the mantle of Star Wars and direct one in a series of anthological movies to be told... more

Happy birthday to you all. now return the favor and wish myself and sweet Kai a happy bday! enough aggrandizing, we missed a week so there are oodles of things to talk about plus important information about the format of the show. DC... more

This week saw opening of two movies both sequels in one way or another one rated R the other Pg-13. One powered by an endless promotion machine the other moderate promtions and dual cycle T.V. and internet spot. this weekend... more

Age of Ultron is enjoying it's second week in the #1 spot and making tons of money, a fact the people at Marvel are sure to be happy about. but amongst fans there have been rumblings about the film. People have been generally more... more

Now that you've all seen Avengers or heard so much about that you're sick of hearing about it, you're gonna hear about it from Kai and I. Marvel's second foray into ensemble superhero went off without much of a hitch leaving a lot of... more

Tonight I got a special advance screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron and I'm gonna share my thoughts on the film and it's place in the super hero genre that is still finding its identity. But me and Kai are gonna lock horns so to speak... more

This weekend seemed like a great time to bootleg, leak, drop and release just about every trailer under the sun we're talking Star Wars, Batman v. Superman, Fantastic Four, Attack on Titan final trailer for Avengers. There's a lot to discuss... more

if you've been living under a rock you might not have heard about just how awesome Marve's Daredevil is. which is completely understandable because you have better things to worry about being that you live under a rock. for everyone... more