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A podcast discussing all things geek through sexual innuendo

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if you've been living under a rock you might not have heard about just how awesome Marve's Daredevil is. which is completely understandable because you have better things to worry about being that you live under a rock. for everyone... more

This week we're gonna recap our favorite all fools day stories and bemoan the ones that just won't die. Plus David Lynch leaves the revival of twin peaks over a money dispute leaving the entire project in limbo. And Ryan Reynolds and fox... more

This weekend had it's own ironic twist. in the face of a UCLA study claiming that diverse casting actually sells movies more there were two movies opening with two very different advertising campaigns. Get hard, a movie Staring Kevin Hart... more

Going all the way back to the Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and before people have been hooping and hollering about censorship and artistic freedom, and when in Rome, you scream at Romans until you're arrested for charges you need to be... more

in 2012 Microsoft unveiled, rather clumisly their plans for their next gen console. Discless, Online all the time, Media Hub. Then the gaming world took a shit all over them. Since then Sony has been thrust into the #1 spot in the hearts and... more

This weekend Valiant Comics, publisher of comics like Manowar, Shadowman and Bloodshot, annouced a 9 figure deal with Chinese Film company DMG to bring their properties to Big and Small screen in both America and Asia. What does... more

This week we were blessed with a short fan film about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from the production company that brought us " Dirty Laundry" and " Truth in Journalism" unlike the aforementioned shorts POWER/RANGERS... more

It's Oscar Night!! I know many of you are upset that Kai and myself won no awards, nor were we nominated...but there were a lot of other people who won and much like Kanye West we have opinion we believe that are greater than... more

The Internets blew up, as it is wont to do when big news happens. Spider-Man will appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe. We'll go over the fine details of the news and discuss the bigger controversy that has been brewing the days since... more