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A podcast discussing all things geek through sexual innuendo

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Comic-Con happened. big whoop. but there's been a lot of interesting new coming out of San Diego. A lot of movies shown off and announced a lot of movied not annouce and shown off. we'll weigh in on all that plus the not well known fight... more

It seems that people involved in movie making care less and less about their target audience. Kate Mara, slated to play Sue Storm, was recently quoted saying that the Fantastic Four movie will not be related in anyway to the comics.... more

Tonight we're talking comics and video games: A new creative team and design for Bat-Girl aka Barbara Gordon has been introduced and of course people are pissed off about it. We'll talk about that as well as taking a cosplay approach to... more

You ever watch a movie in theaters and think of how awesome it was then get it at home a few months later and think to yourself "This movie is a piece of shit"? In light of the new block buster movie season Kai and I are gonna talk about... more

A lot of crazy news for you folks and updates to talk about casting choices, box office winners, losers. Video Game power grabs IT'S GOING DOWN!!! we'll be yapping about the future of capcom now that they have said they will no resist... more

Hey all This episode we'll be talkin' aboot all the awesome games that were announced @ E3 this year from the big three (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) and we'll try not to jizz all over mics while discussing our favorites. We'll... more

Convention season is upon us ladies and gents. tonight we'll be talking about what it's like to be on the other side of that table or cosplaying. plus we'll talk about the quagmire Marvel studios has seemingly backed themselves into with... more

Kai has lived to see another day...and yet no one cares :) in more important news, tonight we'll be talking about the xbox price drop and the lack of kinect and what it might mean for the platform as well as speculate on whether or not Sony will... more

Tonight we'll be finishing up our discussion on the cancellation of Almost Human as well as discussing the new Constantine trailer. The Amazing Spider Man 2 theater attendace drops by a whopping 72% and loses it's first place spot to a... more