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The Sgt Skeptic Podcast

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A humorous look at atheism and skepticism from a military perspective. Opinions expressed are that of the hosts and not of the Department of Defense.

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Tonight on SGT Skeptic Podcast, a facebook group trolls via photoshop, Nigeria enacts laws jailing homosexuals, Christians are upset to learn all religions can place statues at the Oklahoma state capitol, and a Fox News guest calls for... more

It's a birthday bash for Paul and Casey. Everyone is welcome to join. Please be inebriated and Happy New Year!

Join us as we discuss the constitutional right to appear on a TV show, Chaplain Klingenschmitt's run for office and whatever else the hosts can think of!

"Due to the efforts of those evil atheists and secularists and their attacks on Christianity, saying the words Merry Christmas is now illegal, which forced the great state of Texas to pass a state law guaranteeing a person's right to say... more

Let's just see where this takes off. We are the worst podcast on the web (pridefully so) and we're glad you agree. Keep listening in support of horribly untalented atheists in the military. And if ever we do find some talent we promise... more

We have absolutely nothing planned. Call in and let us know what you want to talk about.

This episode we talk with Taylor Grin, an Airman in the United States Air Force about his successful efforts to create the first ever Humanist Chapel Service at Basic Training. Hosts Casey and Kathleen also discuss current events. Read... more

Join us tonight as we discuss news items, and Megan discusses being forced to recite a Christian creed.

Disgraced former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt says a photographer being forced to serve same-sex couples should print a Bible verse condemning them to death on their wedding photos, the Southern Baptist Convention orders... more