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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

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With the disastrous rollout of the inaptly named "Affordable" Health Care Act, Americans are again debating what the real effects of Obamacare will prove to be. The arguments in the corporate media by both supporters and opponents of... more

Corporate power over US workers has tilted drastically toward corporations, resulting in devastation of workers rights, including the right to earn a decent living. This is the main reason for the decline in the living standards of workers... more

For anyone who realizes how serious the problems are with the American government and the consequences of continuing to allow it to be controlled by corporate interests, the so-called "alternative" media has been a sore... more

All wars are bankers wars. To convince Americans to sacrifice their chidren on the altar of greed, there must always be an enemy, an existential threat to "American interests," which are defined as the interests of the international corporations... more

If we are going to organize a "movement" that will lead to democracy in America and the world, we must start with a theme around which people working on various issues can coalesce. There is no issue more central to the critical... more

As awareness and outrage over the TransPacific Partnership grows in the US and elsewhere, the prospects for easy passage are getting rockier by the day. The Wikileaks release of one of the more damning chapters granting sovereign... more

There is a destructive and pervasive myth that the poor are lazy and that most of the homeless live on the streets by choice. The reality is that on any given night in the US, nearly 700,000 Americans are homeless. !3% are veterans, 22% are... more

Kashmir is a perfect model for world conflict. It is decades long and rooted in imperialism. It is maintained by religious differences and the ability of ruling parties and foreign interests to keep its people divided. International corporations... more

Political insider and Old New Lefty blogger Karl Eysenbach will join SFPI Radio on November 9 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST to discuss his view that little noticed by those of us who loudly call for its nonviolent destruction, the Empire may be... more

It is increasingly obvious to average Americans that banks have too much power in Washington. Not only has no major corporate criminal in the industry been convicted and punished, but the fines levied on banking corporations is a... more