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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

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Against all predictions, the Syrian government and army are standing strong against the terrorist hordes supported by Saudi Arabia, the US, UK, Turkey, Israel and at least by their silence, all the co-conspirators of the imperial governments that are working together to create a permanent fascist New World Order. Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective joins us again on Saturday, November 1 to update us on the military and political situation in Syria and the region. It behooves us all to know what the Syrian military is doing to fight for the freedom of humanity by protecting the sovereignty of their nation from the insatiable ambition of those who control the Western governments and their militaries. On their success may hinge all our hopes to avoid slavery for our children and their posterity. This show will be rebroadcast on November 15 at AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network. Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain the true costs of corporate control of the US government.
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On Saturday, January 21 our guest was noted FBI whistleblower and anntiwar activist Coleen Rowley. We discussed a number of timely topics that can help us teach others how the dots connect between the various problems threatening... more

On January 14 our guest was Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset and one of the first American casualties of the Patriot Act following 9/11. Her handlers in the CIA and military intelligence considered her a dangerous woman. She tried to... more

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On December 17 our guest was Angel Morrero of Earth Tribe Trust. Picking up the theme of our last show on a worker-centered economy we discussed how they are putting this into action at a local level in rural Zambia and Kentucky. We... more

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On Saturday, November 19 SFPI Radio hosted Jorden Leonard of Oregon's Pacific Green Party. We discussed how the Occupy movement can be a key to abolishing corporate personhood. Jorden is a young political activist who... more

On Saturday, November 12 our guest on SFPI Radio was Aldous Tyler, who is challenging President Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012. Aldous is a 99er like you and me, but this run is more than symbolic. He is on the ballot in... more

On October 29 we hosted guest Marguerita Dentino of Casa Freehold in New Jersey: http://casafreehold.org/ Casa Freehold was established to help Hispanic workers to integrate into US society and to assure them of their rights as... more

On October 21 talked with long time human rights advocate Tracy Phillips, a member of the Executive Board of Take Back America for the People who is active in a number of other groups. We continued our discussion of how to... more

On October 15 SFPI Radio hosted guest Jeffrey Dhywood, author of WW-D: The case against prohibitionism, A Road to Legalization. More than an expose of the international drug war, it traces the history and the consequences of... more