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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

On-Demand Episodes

On June 18 Take Back America for the People internet radio hosted Elizabeth Swager, Assistant Director of Oregon Fair Trade, part of a nationwide group of organizations working to educate the public on why we must fight free trade... more

On June 16 our guest was Bob Williams, owner of a fledgling radio network and host of The Morning Show on flagship station KKRP in Oklahoma. After a career in broadcasting, Bob retired with a plan to just enjoy the rest of his life.... more

On June 15 our guest on Take Back America for the People was John Mulkins, Founder of Peoples Congress, an ambitious attempt to create a representative body outside of government that will debate and propose legislation on... more

On June 9 CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer returned for our continuing conversation on the corporatocracy's design for a permanent New World Order controlled by a handful of international corporate terrorists and their handpicked... more

On the June 9 premier episode of Take Back America for the People, our guest was former CIA asset Susan Lindauer, author of Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq. We... more

On June 2 our guest was Leah Bolger, former naval Commander and recently elected Board President of Veterans for Peace. We discussed Leah's journey from career officer to career peace activist, her work for Veterans for Peace and the... more

On May 26 education activist Susan Barrett joined us to discuss the many crises facing public education in the US and what we can do to address them. The issue of whether Americans will be educated enough to be responsible... more

If you think democracy in China is an impossible dream, please listen to this episode of SFPI Radio, in which we discussed factors converging toward democracy in a nation that has essentially never known it. Listeners who want... more

On April 21 our guest was Bob Whitaker, author of Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic. Bob has made a career out of investigating and exposing abuse and exploitation of psychiatric patients by psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical... more

On May 5, former CIA asset Susan Lindauer rejoined us on SFPI Radio to discuss how the US government is creating the infrastructure of a police state to silence resistance to a world government dominated by corporate interests. Prior... more