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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

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PTSD has been characterized as an anxiety disorder with a physical basis by the APA since 1980. While DSM recognizes that it has a distinct psychological nature as well, few writings have characterized it as a "soul" wound. None... more

Are you someone who thinks that war is inevitable? Did it ever occur to you that if enough people believe that, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy? The overwhelming majority of the world's people want to see war end. Until they... more

Those of us who remember the revolutionary era of the 60s recall the tremendous power of music to spread a message of hope for change based on universal love and fierce resistance to injustice. In different styles and in... more

If you thought all missionaries were people who travel around the world peddling their brand of religion, you will want to listen to this episode of Take Back America for the People, where we meet one who is working for justice around the... more

Recent history has amptly demonstrated that peace does not come naturally to most people. It is widely assumed that war is an inevitable consequence of conflict. That is why one of the most important things we can do to promote... more

Despite the lack of coverage by western corporate media the carnage continues in the failed state of Libya. Various factions of CIA-supported terrorists continue to vie for control of Libyan resources that they can sell to NATO nations for a... more

Many people object to what the corporate media tells them are President Obama's "liberal"policies. While there is some truth to this on social issues, most liberals would argue that his foreign policy and many domestic policies such as... more

"Mental illness" is described as bio-psycho-social, but in practice psychiatry has been driven by research paid for by pharmaceutical corporations. Thus, we hear a lot about "chemical imbalances" and "brain disorders" for which no scientific... more

Despite a technical problem early in the show, you will want to listen to and share this episode of Take Back America for the People. During candidate Obama's 2008 campaign he pledged reform of the corrupt lobbying practices that have... more

Join us on SFPI Radio on July 7 at 8 AM PST/ 11 AM EST when our very special guest will be antiwar hero Brian Willson, author of Blood on the Tracks, the autobiography of his transformation from rabid anticommunist to dedicated... more