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One hour prerecorded conversations about the national and international consequences of allowing corporate control of the US government.

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If you wonder how we can ever restore an economy devastated by bankers and the cost of war, the answer may surprise you. It turns out that much of the problem is with the assumption that endless growth is the only way to create... more

Activists are overwhelmed with the many threats to peace, the environment, social and economic justice and democracy itself in a world increasingly controlled by a small circle of psychopaths with the power to pay for the election of... more

Everyone agrees that there is a funding crisis in our schools, but no the cause of the problem or its solution. Many blame unreasonable teacher benefits and administrative waste, while others dispute these claims, citing skyrocketing... more

Recent history has amptly demonstrated that peace does not come naturally to most people. It is widely assumed that war is an inevitable consequence of conflict. Those of us who believe otherwise have the task of convincing others... more

As the "War on Terror" expands, the US military has strained to find volunteers to fight for a cause that is increasingly questioned by the American public. Polls show a significant majority of Americans want out of Afghanistan.... more

The NATO assault on Syria provides vital clues to what those who control the Anglo-American corporate Empire have in mind as they construct what they hope will be a permanent fascist New World Order. What is unfolding now is the... more

Millions of Americans are being thrown out of their homes by the banksters who caused the US and global recession. Congress will not help because if they these blatant thieves to protect average Americans, the money that keeps them in... more

On August 18 we discussed a model of business owned by the worker, where profits are used to provide a fair wage, build the business and provide benefits guaranteed by the Worker's Bill of Rights based on the Mondragon model and... more

The CIA was ostensibly created following WWII to provide intelligence on foreign events affecting the security of the United States. Many people have concluded that in reality it functions to provide the muscle required to expand and... more

PTSD has been characterized as an anxiety disorder with a physical basis by the APA since 1980. While DSM recognizes that it has a distinct psychological nature as well, few writings have characterized it as a "soul" wound. None... more