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One hour prerecorded conversations about the national and international consequences of allowing corporate control of the US government.

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Conservative commentators from William F Buckley Jr to FOX News business commentator John Stossel are joining liberals and libertarians inraising questions about treating possession and use of marijuana as a criminal offense. They... more

On October 27 addressed frequently asked questions about what Soldiers For Peace International is and why people might want to join us. Those who have seen our promos for SFPI Radio who don't know about Soldiers For Peace... more

There is a growing awareness that the only way to solve problems facing communities around the globe is acting at the local level for change on a national and international level. In our interconnected world, the solutions to the... more

Conspiracy theories are popular among those who understand that the American dream is becoming a nightmare. It is natural to wonder if there is collusion among these corporate elites to direct events behind the scenes to enable them to... more

It is becoming increasingly clear to those not blinded by the corporate media that the global elite are in the end game of their plan for full spectrum global dominance. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran were among countries... more

When our government doesn't seem to be listening to us, what hope do we have to be heard? The answer is to start by talking to each other and come to agreement on what we want our government to focus on. Only when we can... more

We will not be in studio on October 6 but will broadcast one of our favorite shows for regular listeners who need their fix of SFPI Radio. On March 3 our guest was former economic hitman, author and founder of the Dream Change... more

Much of what most people "know" about Afghanistan is an image produced by fiction writers in popular novels and the corporate media. It is hard to imagine what it is like to live through two invasions and to adapt to... more

Communities across America are struggling with the economic burdens resulting from policies supported on both sides of the aisle by politicians beholden to a small economic elite. They are the CEOs of the corporations that ship jobs... more

On September 22 we hosted Karl Eisenbach, with whom we explored what is going on in Europe and the implications it can have for all the people of the world. Despite early technical glitches, it was quite a show. If you are one of those... more