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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

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In Venezuela today, the US State Department and the NGOs it operates are trying to reprise their utterly chaotic intervention in Ukraine. Having failed to learn anything from the embarrassing debacle of the CIA-backed coup against... more
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On Saturday February 4 our guest was Warren Weisman, one of the founding members of the Eugene Mutual Aid Society in Oregon: The topic was anarchy, a term that is... more

On January 28 SFPI Radio hosted Dr Humayun Mohmad, health care spokesperson for the PTI, or Pakistan movement for Justice Party. We talked about the various factors that led to the current system of corruption and... more

On Saturday, January 21 our guest was noted FBI whistleblower and anntiwar activist Coleen Rowley. We discussed a number of timely topics that can help us teach others how the dots connect between the various problems threatening... more

On January 14 our guest was Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset and one of the first American casualties of the Patriot Act following 9/11. Her handlers in the CIA and military intelligence considered her a dangerous woman. She tried to... more

Our guest on Saturday, January 7 was Jeffrey Rupp, a thinking conservative who helped me model how to constructively engage with people of differing political philosophies but a common interest in working together to establish a... more

On Saturday December 31 SFPI Radio our scheduled guest was Badru Muzidalifah, a young Ugandan with a keen interest in the future of his nation and of Africa. Recent US military deployments in the area make this a hot... more

On December 17 our guest was Angel Morrero of Earth Tribe Trust. Picking up the theme of our last show on a worker-centered economy we discussed how they are putting this into action at a local level in rural Zambia and Kentucky. We... more

On Saturday, December 10 we discussed how to build a localized, sustainable Green economy that takes into account community needs, the rights of the workers and the planet and that recognizes the finite nature of Earth's... more

On SFPI Radio Saturday, December 3 our guest was Tyrone Givens, spokesperson for the Occupation Party of... more

Saturday November 26 we talked about the latest on the battlefront of the war for democracy in the US. Two constitutional amendments that would abolish corporate personhood in Congress have given hope that there is a way to Take... more