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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

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In the wake of 9/11, America has beome a surveillance society. Americans seem largely willing to continue to give up their freedoms for the illusion of security from a terrorist menace of their own government's creation. This would not have... more

Drone warfare is on the radar of antiwar activists who are appalled at its acceptance by both major political parties in the US. Illegal on its face, their are few champions in government who dare to oppose this latest tool of corporate... more

Israel is widely regarded as the only protection Jews have from another Holocaust. Even if true, what if American-supported policies of its government are placing the nation at risk of the consequences of near-universal condemnation... more

Polls show that a great majority of Americans support the drone warfare policy of the United States that is transforming the nature of modern warfare. There is such a consensus on the issue that Governor Romney and President Obama... more

Latin America is rarely in the corporate media except as propagana against progressive governments. CIA-backed coups go largely rporteded as Chavez and other liberal leaders are depicted as dangerous nuts. The recent protests... more

At the start of the debate on reforming health care in 2009, 70-80% of Americans stated the supported universal health care. However, when it cam to details, the corporate media and politicians argued that we cannot afford such a... more

The threat of a "fiscal cliff" is being used by the corporate media and politicians to scare Americans into believing that the social safety net must be ripped up to ensure that our children will not be left an insurmountable debt. The question is,... more

Lebanon is at the center of resistance to the imposition of a corporate-dominated New World Order in the Mideast. Contrary to reports in the Mideast, Hezbollah is central to the prospects of any peace not enforced by the Anglo-American... more

In the aftermath of a bruisingly angry election, both parties are taking stock of the future. Republicans are wondering if their tent has become to small to welcome the numbers needed to consistently win elections. Democrats are pondering if... more

President Ronald Reagan famously called his new administration "Morning In America." He saw himself as bring a new dawn of possibilities and a new day of smaller government based upon his famous "Trickle Down Economics." For over... more