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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

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The threat of a "fiscal cliff" is being used by the corporate media and politicians to scare Americans into believing that the social safety net must be ripped up to ensure that our children will not be left an insurmountable debt. The question is,... more

Lebanon is at the center of resistance to the imposition of a corporate-dominated New World Order in the Mideast. Contrary to reports in the Mideast, Hezbollah is central to the prospects of any peace not enforced by the Anglo-American... more

In the aftermath of a bruisingly angry election, both parties are taking stock of the future. Republicans are wondering if their tent has become to small to welcome the numbers needed to consistently win elections. Democrats are pondering if... more

President Ronald Reagan famously called his new administration "Morning In America." He saw himself as bring a new dawn of possibilities and a new day of smaller government based upon his famous "Trickle Down Economics." For over... more

In the aftermath of a brutally negative presidential election year that saw the balance of power between the two corporate parties in Congress relatively unchanged, Americans have to find a way to work together to end congressional... more

People are desperate to find a way to build a movement with the strength to challenge the grip of the corporatocracy on the US government. They realize that democracy in American is the only path to resolving issues that Congress will... more

Conservative commentators from William F Buckley Jr to FOX News business commentator John Stossel are joining liberals and libertarians inraising questions about treating possession and use of marijuana as a criminal offense. They... more

On October 27 addressed frequently asked questions about what Soldiers For Peace International is and why people might want to join us. Those who have seen our promos for SFPI Radio who don't know about Soldiers For Peace... more

There is a growing awareness that the only way to solve problems facing communities around the globe is acting at the local level for change on a national and international level. In our interconnected world, the solutions to the... more

Conspiracy theories are popular among those who understand that the American dream is becoming a nightmare. It is natural to wonder if there is collusion among these corporate elites to direct events behind the scenes to enable them to... more