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One hour prerecorded conversations about the national and international consequences of allowing corporate control of the US government.

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Global climate change and overpopulation place an upper limit on how long we have to save human civilization from the depradations of a global elite hell-bent on creating a permanent corporate New World Order. Ending this threat will... more

The mass protests in Egypt, Turkey, Brazil and around the world are signs of a world revolution in the making. Now is the time to have a dialogue across international borders to decide the overall goals and strategy for a unifed... more

Americans distrust government. Conspiracy theories dominate the news, but few see that the only "conspiracies" talked about in the corporate media are ones they create, while those asking questions about the official story of 9/11 are labelled... more

Repeated polls have shown overwhelming support for universal health care in the US, but whenever specifics are discussed, vested corporate interests spend millions convincing people that any such system will destroy the US health care... more

There is nothing so dangerous to the powers that be than a source of hope that they can be overcome.NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden sparked a very important conversation that goes beyond the superficial coverage of much of the... more

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the of President Kennedy's murder. It is remarkable that as signs of plots within the government to support the aims of those who profit from the military-industrial complex grow more obvious, fewer... more

Our regular listeners are no dount familiar with the most relevant arguments for the foreknowledge of 9/11 by the US government, but most Americans regard those calling for a new investigation as "conspiracy theorists," as if that... more

Provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 give the President the power to label Americans (and others) "enemy combatants," allowing him to arrest and detain them in military prisons until the end of the "War on Terror," if... more

The War on Terror has been viewed by many as a "Crusade," to use a term George Bush did early on. This phrase has a very specific historical meaning that perhaps he did not appreciate. The Crusades were a series of bloody religious... more

Assad and the Syrian army continue to make gains in the battle against terrorists sponsored by the US, NATO, the Gulf Cooperative Council, Turkey and Israel. The Empire is striking back with whatever it can short of diplomacy. As their... more