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On  June 16 our guest was Bob Williams, owner of a fledgling radio network and host of The Morning Show on flagship station KKRP in Oklahoma.

After a career in broadcasting, Bob retired with a plan to just enjoy the rest of his life. Like many of us, he looked around and realized that he could not enjoy the good life while all around him he saw the suffering that resulted from corporate control of the US government, aided and abetted by a corporate media that worked in tandem with politicians to sell the lie that the American dream has become.

Bob came out of a short-lived retirement with the idea of starting an alternative radio network. His goal is to provide unvarnished information to listeners hungering for it who realize they are not going to get it from media giants that offer only vanilla or chocolate versions of politics and the news.

We discussed the rise of corporate a media that has increasingly become a propaganda industry that serves the interests of the same international corporate terrorists who have seized control of the US government. We talked about how this has affected political debate and has increasingly determined the outcome of elections.

With the problem clearly framed,we spent the rest of the show discussing solutions to the problem of corporate media consolidation which include low power, unregulated stations and networks of small stations to internet based networks with the potential to challenge the dominance of corporate radio in influending the terms of public debate in the US and around the world.

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