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On May 5, former CIA asset Susan Lindauer rejoined us on SFPI Radio to discuss how the US government is creating the infrastructure of a police state to silence resistance to a world government dominated by corporate interests.

Prior to the Iraq invasion, Susan was working to end the devastating sanctions and avoid war when she ran afoul of the Cheney regime and its plans to use the false-flag attack on the World Trade Center to justify launching its war of terror for corporate Empire.

Her book Extreme Prejudice describes her treatment at the hands of a ruthless government program of repression under the Patriot Act. We discussed how NDAA takes the next step toward Soviet style repression by removing the right to trial for accused enemies of the State. She presented tantalizing hints of why we should suspect a possible false-flag operation in the Persian Gulf.

We did not cover everything we had hoped, but focused on the manner in which our constitutional rights are being systematically dismantled. This is necessary groundwork to understand the big picture of the game of Risk the international corporate terrorists that control the US government are playing with our lives.

Make sure to tune in on June 9th for more on that topic. The show will be devoted to exploring the pattern in US foreign policy that paints a fascinating picture of the collective mind of the psychopaths who have led us down this path of self-destruction.

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