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Saturday November 26 we talked about the latest on the battlefront of the war for democracy in the US.  Two constitutional amendments that would abolish corporate personhood in Congress have given hope that there is a way to Take Back America!

With no guest for this episode, the great callers we had made the show. Starting with a discussion of  why multinational corporations have the "right" of corporations to buy candidates of their choice, we went beyond complaining to discuss exactly how to get such an amendment passed, the consequences if Americans fon't work together for liberty and justice for all in the world and finally why we will prevail.

The abolition issue has been taken up by a Congress long thought too corrupted by corporate money to fix its own problems. Now the job is to  get members of Congress to realize they must declare whether they work for We the People or They the Corporations by declaring whether they support a strong amendment or whether they are corporate tools.

The Pledge to Amend campaign will put congressional candidates on the record declaring their support for a constitutional amendment and highlight the blatent sellout of America and the world by those who would oppose it. The worldwide Revolution has begun. Help us build an international front against fascism and war by encouraging your friends to join us on SFPI Radio and joining us on Facebook:

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