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On August 27 our guest was Marilyn McWilliams of the Veterans Stress Project.  She is a therapist working on a research project on non-drug treatment of PTSD through the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The technique has a wide variety of other applications, such as treating phobias, helping achieve weight loss, performance enhancement and other areas.

The technique is one of several such therapies thought to depend on realigning hypothetical  energy fields by which intent to change is translated into change at the biochemical and neurological levels, ie rewiring the brain.

Marilyn and her colleagues are looking for research subjects suffering from combat-induced PTSD who can be treated anywhere in the world on the wordwide web. These treatments are free.

After discussing this revolutionary treatment of PTSD we discussed combat and rape-induced PTSD, its relationship to the ongoing wars and how we can help veterans and other victims of war to recover and become functioning members of society.

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