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Walden in the City

Virtue: A New Sexual Dispensation


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Virtue: A New Sexual Dispensation for American Men What Sexual Virtue Is and Why It Is Important Sexual virtue is defined in this program as the practice of limiting sexual behavior to responsibly conceiving a wanted child. All other sexual behavior is unvirtuous. Sexual virtue is important because it prevents many distractions from duty and leads to a more peaceful and less troubled society.

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Our society encourages sexualizing your thoughts and your perceptions, but to become sexually virtuous you must desexualize your thinking.

"Checking out" a woman's or man's body, figure, walk, etc., is unvirtuous. Even looking at sexy photos on magazine covers in the supermarket checkout line is unvirtuous sexual interest.

In many situations throughout the day you may encounter people who behave in ways that seem to invite or encourage unvirtuous responses. You are not obligated to respond unvirtuously.

Objects of attraction are not responsible for your desire. Neither are they obligated to help you control your desire. That is up to you.

Our society has a long history of success in learning to control forces outside the person, from harnessing the wind in order to sail around the globe to developing nuclear energy. When it comes to forces within the person, however, we have... more

Sex has one purpose: conceiving a child. Any other sexual activity is unvirtuous. In order to have sex to conceive a child, sexual desire is necessary. At all other times virtue demands that sexual desire be restrained. However, by its nature... more

This is the first broadcast of a new program in support of sexual virtue.