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A Radio Show based on the award winning book by Marcus Blake, Sex Game. This show gives you a chance to go inside the books, talk about the characters, the stories, and discuss, "what's your sex game?". ABOUT SEX GAME: Sex, love, distrust, and a looming curiosity is the battlefield for which the game of love is played. It’s a game of curiosity for the players as they make their way through the sex games of dating in the 21st century. This is the story of 10 people as they date and try to find love in the modern age while their lives are intertwined with one another. As told by Trinidad, owner of the local bar that they all visit in their spare time, Sex Game centers on four stories with multiple themes that convey one question- what does it take to find true love in the modern age. The characters will love, betray, distrust, give up, and fight for what they believe is their true love. They will make hard choices along the way and in the end these characters will play the sex game. Sex Game is Marcus Blake's award winning book is a satirical and enduring story of finding love in the modern age. With marriage in a decline, divorce as common as the air we breathe, and all the different ways to meet people through a variety of dating services Marcus Blake’s story explores the different scenarios that people go through to find true love and the tragic events that they go through to get there. This is Marcus Blake’s story that poses two very important questions when it comes to dating today-what does it really take to find love and what are we willing to do for it? willing to do for it?