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Era of Ridiculous in the Age of Stupid. Riffs rants and comments from a cynical funny pragmatic progressive liberal history professor. with an attitude.

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To listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity; the bitch-sisters of rhetorical conservative propoganda based political punditry have managed to take the shooting of a unarmed African American teen and turn it into an indictment... more

If you step back and view the big picture of all of the turmaoil in so many different places, certain things become more and more clear...there are a tremendous number of poor, young, unemployed men of color, ALL colors, who are REALLY... more

Welcome to the nightmare that might NEVER end and the stupidity that created this ongoing mess in Ferguson, Missouri. The local authorities have turned a tragedy into a powderkeg of violence, anger, race, culture and politics fed by ALL... more

This is a "Special Edition" of SevsDeadSerious and your REALLY ANGRY and always cynical host gets dead serious about the Constitutional rape happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Where are all the TeaBaggers, who stand behind their... more

It's the 60's and the police have taken over the streets of an American city; who says the 60's are dead, only the rights of every African-American in the city of Ferguson Missouri in 2014. Did someone forget to inform the Ferguson Police... more

FoxNews, never an organization that believes that you can go too low when reporting what they pruport to be the news when in fact it usually borders on the ridiculous, once again scrapes the bottom of the barrell in reporting the untimely... more

Maybe in our sadness, your grieving host will remember someone WE will not soon, nor should we ever forget Robin Williams. His manic stream-of-conciousness style, his chaotic mind running a mile-a-minute and the... more

Your intrepid host can't believe the similarities between the problems in Iraq and the problems in the large decaying urban centers...a sense of hope inspired by the access and use of guns of all sizes and descriptions. A sense of... more

To watch the blathering, name-calling and lying SOB's that populate the right is enough for one to take pause...and throw-up, vomit, yak, blow chunks whichever you prefer or add your own but you get the message and if you don't... more

Watching Rep Steve King (R.-IA) defend the deportation of the Dreamers (DACA) because they are 'illegal' after bringing brought here by their parents as children, calling them "lawless" and "breaking the law" amongst other on... more