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Era of Ridiculous in the Age of Stupid. Riffs rants and comments from a cynical funny pragmatic progressive liberal history professor. with an attitude.

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All of the problems in the world of the making of the adults and ultimately the children are the ones to bear the brunt of the suffering and your thoroughly disgusted host thinks all the adults need to find a way out of the mess they... more

Your intrepid pothead host and incurable reprobate is proud to announce that the state of Oregon will be the 3rd state in the Union to legalize marijuana for recreational use; thusly reducing the crime rate in urban areas, reduce... more

Doesn't matter what the problem is and where it's located or even if it doesn't have anything to do with the United States, the Republicans have decided it was the black guy who screwed everything up owing to his parentage, race,... more

Your always questioning host decided to once again attempt to find out what makes me, me. Why am I this craven, evil liberal who believes in the rights of people, universal healthcare, a living wage, that immigrants are not "border... more

Wars, let me count the ways to destroy, maim and justify hatred...welcome to the world in the 21st century. Your confused host is trying to figure out why all the war and hatred and then the light went off...Hitler, Germany, hopeless... more

The crisis of the refugees on the southern border, brings cause to ponder; why don't conservatives like children? Or for that matter women, minorities, the poor, the uninsured or anyone who doesn't agree with their obstructionist view of... more

The petroleum industry thinks they're just little earthquakes but your inquisitive host is wondering if it could become a bigger problem even though its already a problem but the conservatives never see a problem as long as the 'black' guy is... more

Good old FauxNews sent their legal pit vipers to shut me up due to my "massive" audience share or was it because I am the 1st Progressive, Liberal with a scholarly background and a comic's timing might begin to build market share... more

Your questioning host is left to ponder the predeliction of the drug companies to advertise to the niche market of old gjuys to serve and protect their manhood, testoserone level, 50+ vitamins for a "active lifestyle" , vaginal creme to help his... more

As politicians play political football with the lives of potentially thousands of immigrant children coming across our borders seeking the same opportunities that our fore-fathers promised to all people (except slaves) coming to our... more