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Era of Ridiculous in the Age of Stupid. Riffs rants and comments from a cynical funny pragmatic progressive liberal history professor. with an attitude.

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Your intrepid stoner here at sevsdeadserious is so happy to see that the legalization of yours truly's favorite herbal medicine is overjoyed by the fact that the legalization of said herbal remedy has NOT led to the downfall of society,... more

When this aspiring humorist and jerk at sevsdeadserious watches Fox News to see how far stupidity has reached at any given point to my continuing amazement and need for material. The host-as-idiot doesn't matter, though I sometimes... more

I believe your always amazed host here at sevsdeadserious cannot for the like of him why anyone for any reason, at any time would find it OK to beat the shit out of a 4 year old with a piece of a tree no matter what the child did, for... more

The host of sevsdeadserious has found himself once again in a quandry over the recent events involving organizations that are totally out of control, running rampant over any sense of decency and honesty while standing in... more

Within the last 30 days the somewhat biased host of SevsDeadSeriouis has seen the apocalypse broached no less than 4 times; once a week on average. Holy shit, we must be in REALLY deep shit, but in retrospect...the poo was... more

With two wonderful topics for the day how could your intrepid host on SevsDeadSerious but be overcome with's as if it was blessed to be. So they delipvered a tape to the NFL office that showed a brutal assault on... more

SevsDeadSerious and your intrepiod, and all together too mouthy host take on the money that infects the political system and why the 1% won't let the 99% play...thank-you Supreme Court. Billions, not millions, not a bilion but mutiple... more

It so nice to see that the answer to all of our problems was always so simple...kick its ass, blow it up, bomb it, lop its head off or just puch its lights out; it's OK! Conservatives want to put boots on the ground everywhere (where do they get... more

I'mmm baaaack! That's right after a two week hiatus for vacation and preperation for the college year, I am once again here to belittle, ridicule and bully anyone I see fit for YOUR ultimate entertainment, amusement and even sometimes... more

To listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity; the bitch-sisters of rhetorical conservative propoganda based political punditry have managed to take the shooting of a unarmed African American teen and turn it into an indictment... more