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Sevs Dead Serious

Sevs Dead Serious


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Era of Ridiculous in the Age of Stupid. Riffs rants and comments from a cynical funny pragmatic progressive liberal history professor. with an attitude.

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As your host here at SevDeadSerious, I notice that the Republicans now have control of both houses of Congress but the White House is still controlled by the African-American chap and that means, "same shit, different day." In other... more

Your teachable moment host at SevsDeadSerious did just that over the last 2 days...used teachable moments in class, in this case, the elections. And as a History prof, discussion of elections and the issues certainly falls into the... more

Your always sunny host here at SevsDeadSerious is quite enaqmored with "free" elections..."free" for who? Billionaires from both sides of the two-sided political spectrum we call American Politics spend billions trying to convince "we the... more

After 2 days to play the role of dad to my 8 year old, you're always sincere if ever cynical once again returns to the airwaves under the guise of SevsDeadSerious (kind of a Lamont Cranston as the Shadow in early radio vibe) and all that... more

Let your inquisitive host at SevsDeadSerious get this straight; a disease that began in West Africa amongst the blacks left after the Diaspora and reached the shores of one of the most racist countries on earth by the sheer ineffectiveness... more

Every once and a while the man who would be SevsDeadSerious really has to look at all that goes on and make fun of it not for my own comedic skills but to remind all that listen, archive and even ignore should know that today you will... more

Yours truly, the truly obnoxious, yet still terribly literate host of SevsDeadSerious loves the consistency of the American system and its ability to while moving forward never making any progress due to everything done and not done and the... more

To listen to the Republicans, this host at SevsDeadSerious has learned that there is NO limit to the level of stupidity, arrogance and downright hubris by those who think that being stupid is something to be proud of and to rejoice in..."Hey,... more

One thing your intrepid and always opinionated host on SevsDeadSerious has learned over the many years is that the biggest problem that Democrats and the left have that never seems to bother conservatives on the right is that liberals... more

Don't get me wrong, the host of SevsDeadSerious with his 4 sisters, beloved wife and all of the milliopns of women who embody the greatest aspects of humanity know that women are and continue to be a driving force at all levels of society... more