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Christians follow churches, but true believers follow Christ! Here we will tackle and uncover some truths that the church is either teaching incorrectly or not at all. Too many doctrinal and denominational opinions are taught, in the church today, not enough biblical truths. The bible should form our opinion not the other way around. There are things that are going on in this world that are way beyond what the average person can understand, because they are to far into the system; they are too involved in the routine of their everyday life. They believe what they are spoon fed by the media and the government. These things, physical (elitist control) and the spiritual (demonic and Godly), go hand in hand. The things of the spiritual affect the physical. Watch what is going on in the world around you; within the church and government. We are talking about Ecumenism (One world church), Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Group, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Trilateral Commission, The Vatican, Illuminati, Rupert Murdoch, etc... Ezekiel 33:7-20 A Watchman 7 "SON OF MAN, I HAVE MADE YOU A WATCHMAN FOR THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL; SO HEAR THE WORD I SPEAK AND GIVE THEM WARNING FROM ME.

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15 min-update on the Set Free Soldiers and Hells Angels stabbing. Then 1/2 hour on Georgia vs Russia issues, why are we backing this genecide?

Straddling the fence...there is so many so-called brothers and sisters in Christ out there that don’t even live like they are christians!

All to often we get caught up in the world around us and it has a tendency to rub off on us...

If you don’t go to church who do you give it too?

Stop putting material things before God. The christian community has fallen away from the word and needs to get back on track. We need to be non-conformist. Stop killing yourself for worldly things. And strive for Yah!

The last year has been crazy in my personal life and in world events!

Are they relevent and are they really consiracy or truth. You decide!

Bringing We should just give praise and thanksgiving.

Many churches say they believe in the word and preach the gospel, but do they really follow Jesus?