Foreclosure Fraud Survivors

Foreclosure Fraud Survivors


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Little Voices - Big Impact! We're Not Alone We are all wonderfully different in this fight, and that's why we are slowly pushing forward...we all have our own ways of fighting this, but the goal is the same - uncover the truth and ask for justice. The cost of inaction is always much higher than any road blocks that we’re facing when we decide to act and deal with the issues in front of us. Foreclosure Fraud Survivors DISCLAIMER I am not an attorney and I am not engaged in rendering legal advice. It’s my opinion and advice, not counsel. I’m just one of many homeowners in my quest for the exit from this mortgage mess we found ourselves in. Everything I say is based on my own experience or on the experience of people who shared their stories with me. I am not responsible as an “expert” and for what you do with my advice and knowledge.

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On Sunday, December 2nd at 12:00 pm EST, our guest will be BJ Alexander, a certified Forensic Loan Auditor and Certified Mortgage Securitization Auditor from Georgia. She's exposing "Fraudclosure" by Leveraging Knowledge and Truth.... more

Our guest on Sunday will be Lainey Hashorva, a foreclosure fighter, a homeowner, and a small business owner from California. She's been successfully running her business for twenty years, but these days Lainey spends all her free... more

Carl Gibson will be on our radio show tonight (11/18/12) at 8 p.m. EST to talk about the successful campaign to oust tea party congressman Frank Guinta (NH), and the Fed's secret $40 billion monthly bailout to Wall Street banks while we... more

She is a mother of three, she's foreclosure fraud fighter and she's here to share her story with us…to let us know that you should never give up on your path to justice, never give up on your fight when you know that a bank is trying... more

Our guest was Mario Kenny – a homeowner and a great foreclosure fraud activist. Mario shared his personal story and also gave his advice on how to find a foreclosure fraud lawyer in your area – how to be a bridge between... more

In this episode I'll talk about Register O'Brien's actions in regards to the robosigning fraud that is turning his registry into a crime scene. He took upon himself the toughest role of them all - to be a pioneer and to demand of his... more

Every saved house, every family that is remaining in their home, instead of being foreclosed and evicted is the result of someone's action somewhere…They didn't remain in the house because government suddenly decided to do the right... more

The foundation of America is being eroded every day...Thousands are losing their homes through fraudulent foreclosures with no one to turn too. There are still people out there who are blaming the victims; but, if I were to show you that... more
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